Robert ten Brink over BankGiro Millionaires: ‘itself Would not be a candidate’

After eleven years returns BankGiro Millionaires – formerly known as Lotto Weekend Millionaires – RTL back on television. Robert ten Brink, is once again seen as the host of the popular quiz. “Very weird, like I was, after ten years of again awakened on the set.”

Ten Brink says in conversation with that the “scary familiar” feel the place again to take on the presentatorenstoel. But would he himself ever on the kandidatenstoel want to sit?

“No, I do have a lot of respect for the candidates, especially if they are the smart play, and have enough self-confidence to continue. I used to play at home ever the bordspelversie of the quiz and asked my children if I supposedly wanted to present, but that I also wanted to not. ‘Present I only do at work,” I said.”

“The time is ripe’

Ten Brink presented the show from 1999 until 2008, when the show Lotto Weekend Millionaires was called. The Lotto pulled back as a sponsor and is now replaced by the BankGiroLoterij. “I think that the time is ripe,” he says about the new series.

The intent of the internationally successful formula remains the same. For the grand prize of 1 million euro in prizes, the participant must be fifteen multiple-choice answer.

The difficulty level increases for each question. The candidate has during the game about three guides: the public to ask for help, fiftyfifty (choose between two answers), and call a friend who may know the right answer.

“It is a kind of psychological game’

The All You Need is Love presenter hoped for years on a sequel of the popular quiz, which in the past invariably more than a million viewers attracted. “It is fantastic to do, it is a format that is good for me, precisely because it is at odds with other programs that I present.”

The power of the quiz he calls the ‘shoutability’. “That you’re home hard meeschreeuwt on the bank: ‘B is the right answer!’, but then C turns out to be. For the participant it is a kind of psychological game, but the game is also fun and exciting for the thuiskijkers.” The quiz, incidentally, is also on the bench to play through an app.

BankGiro Millionaires is according to Ten Brink, almost the same as the variant that he was for the SBS presented. “The sound and light effects are slightly more of this time, the decor looks better, it is all a bit flashier. The biggest difference is that I, in the meantime, ten years older, so the compensation in the decor was necessary.”

BankGiro Millionaires from may 25, broadcast every Saturday at 21: 30 on RTL 4.

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