Robert ten Brink: ‘looking forward to this special All-You-Need-christmas cuter than pictures’

For many people the look of the christmas of All You Need Is Love, which loved ones again to be brought together, the tradition on the 24th of december. Robert ten Brink will experience also to the 27th edition has a lot of fun.

This year, according to Ten Brink, a record number of people in the studio to be surprised, ” he says in conversation with There will be also many people that their loved ones or family can not see because they do not have a visa. “For many people, this is not feasible, but we can do it sometimes”, says the presenter.

Also at Schiphol airport gets the team of the programme on love additional lot for each other. “As one of the few programs we have carte blanche, we may also make recordings, behind the customs. Because nowadays, there are so many programs that want to include at the airport, it is very that we can.”

Furthermore, the viewers in the christmas edition of All You Need Is Love a special reunion expect, says Ten Brink. “Seventeen years ago we brought in the program a girl and her South African friend in each other. They are still together and living in South Africa, but she misses her family terribly.”

“We sit sometimes with pulled back at the pictures’

It’s already the 27th christmas, which Ten Brink presents. “It’s still fantastic,” says the presenter. “It is the best program to create, and actually the thrill of it even better than the pictures themselves.”

A lot of people have while watching All You Need Is Love one, or multiple tears. Ten Brink, shoot also occasionally full. “Yes, we are sometimes pulled back at the pictures. That has a little to do with the gungevoel, such as the viewer. That may be a word, a phrase, a note, the way someone does or is.”

Ten Brink, despite the long life of All You Need Is Love are not yet concerned with a possible successor, should he ever stop with the presentation. “At the present time is All You Need even on my schedule. And if I ever stop, is the question of whether it should go on. Maybe a few years, and then is made in a different way.”

The presenter, who is also known as ” Dr. Love’ is called and the program always closes with the words “No one may with Christmas only”, also has advice for people who are as a single the holiday season to spend: “Two liefdestabletten per day, and come after Christmas, but again for a consultation.”

The All You Need Is Love Christmas is on christmas Eve at 20.30 hours on RTL4.

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