Robert Müller is Russia investigation by the numbers

nearvideo-attorney General William Barr releases letter summarizes Müller ‘ s report, no collusion found

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion between Russia and the trump campaign ended with the final report to the justice Department last Friday. In a letter published on Sunday, attorney General William Barr to the public the “most important results”, and more revealing about the under-wraps investigation.

Only a few months after President Trump was appointed solemnly to the office, Miller, the special counsel ‘ s office on may 17 in 2017. Overall, it took almost two years, and 675 days, or a year, 10 months and six days, to be exact.


The intention of the investigation, the 2016 presidential election was to determine whether Trump and his campaign worked illegally panning with Russia. The special counsel’s office found that it “does not find that the Trump campaign or someone connected with him conspired or coordinated with Russia.”


The President on Sunday responded to Miller’s report in two different ways. Journalists, Trump called the investigation “an illegal takedown, failed.”

He also tweeted: “No arrangements, No obstacle, a Complete and Total RELIEF. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” It was Trump’s 78th tweet about the probe, without the retweets.

A total of 19 lawyers worked with the special counsel’s office at some point during the nearly two years of probe, the in-between may 2017 and September 2018, spent $25.2 million Euro. Of that, $12.3 million of direct expenditure, while $12.9 million to “indirect” component of expenditure for the Ministry of justice.

The special counsel ‘ s not said office, that the indirect cost expenditures, the amount of additional tax money, because the resources, especially personnel, such as employees of the FBI or other authorities would have been devoted to other cases, there was no special Council investigation.


During the investigation, at least 42 people were interviewed by Miller or his team, or testified before the grand jury, and 34 people, in addition to the 3 companies either accused of or guilty plea in connection to the probe.

34, 6 were former consultants or Directors of trump, while 2 were not taken into consideration Trump’s consultants or employees. In addition, 26 the Russians have collected.

Müller ‘ s office worked with a team of “approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, accountants, and other professional staff” during the investigation.


Ultimately, the special counsel’s office “issued more than 2,800 citations, running almost 500 search warrants,and received more than 230 orders for the communication records issued nearly 50 orders authorizing the use of pen Register, from 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed about 500 witnesses,” according to Barr’s letter.

On Friday evening, Müller, in his report submitted to Barr, marks the end of the politically explosive probe and the beginning of a new battle about its content and impact.

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