Robert Kranenborg, advises Dutch not to gourmet christmas

Robert Kranenborg, advises Dutch not to gourmet christmas

What you do with christmas don’t really have to do is gourmet. That is chef Robert Kranenborg.”You just need to the kitchen.”

“Large fowl; a turkey or a capon (rooster) on the table or a large piece of roast, which for me is christmas,” says Kitchen to “Something that was cut needs to be.”

Gourmet is according to the chef to be easy. “It’s all ready to go. You have a lot more fun at the time that you really the kitchen to get meals and go where you really is the best to do.”

From a survey of NUpanel appears, however, that gourmet without prejudice popular among the Dutch. Of the 3.449 respondents said 31 percent for this form of tablets to choose from. A slightly larger proportion (39 percent) down for a full dinner with several courses.

These are according to chefs, the tips for a tasty christmas dinner


Edwin Kats, who was at the helm at restaurant Noble, recommends the easy to love at the christmas dinner. “Christmas brings always some extra tension, so to the people at home, I always say: cooking is something you already have.”

“Look what you in the preparation of: a number of things that you can already a few days in advance, so that your christmas is also good at the table can sit up and minimum time need to have in the kitchen.”

Chef Jan Sobecki, who won two Michelin stars for his restaurant Tribeca, recommends “fresh stuff” to cook. “Also look a little less to a recipe and cook just a feeling.”

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