Robert De Niro can afford to live without the Martin Scorsese wouldn’t believe

Robert De Niro could not have imagined that he do it without the friendship of Martin Scorsese, it would have to be set. The 76-year-old actor, who is the director for nearly fifty years, and knows it, likes it been so long for him to make friends of his.

“I consider myself to be a very happy man that I am to him for such a long time, ken,” says De Niro are in talks with the People. “I can’t live without his friendship proposal.”

The actor, enjoying Friends, because he cares about the people and talent around him. “He will look at some of the actors in the house, and make use of it. He is well-informed, and keep reading. The directors include a broad general knowledge.”

The two met each other in 1973, during the filming of the movie, Mean Streets that Scorsese has directed, and in which De Niro played a major role. Since then, they have nine films together, including the Oscar-nominated ” The Local is the most recent title.

“What is there to be made, this is a film that was very special for all of us,” says De Niro. “He was so well-received is the icing on the cake.”

143Bekijk here, the role of The Local

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