Robert De Niro and challenges-an employee who is hours and hours of Friends looked on as

The production company of Robert De Niro, has a former employee sued. For some women, during working hours, including the hours of the sitcom ‘ Friends have been taken, report in Newsweek the week.

Grand Productions is claiming over $ 6 million dollars (5.4 million euro) for the former employee, who was initially commissioned as an aide to the 76-year-old actor.

Soon after, however, the head of production and finances of the Grand Production. In that capacity, she would have to, according to the company, hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up.

So they are illegal, thousands of dollars worth of bedrijfsgeld had to spend a taxi, shopping at luxury retailers and supermarkets, and in restaurants. Also bought it with a credit card, the company’s handbags, mobile phones, and took them to a hondenoppas in the service.

De Niro refuses to accept a recommendation letter to be signed

Apart from the unauthorised expenditure, instructed the woman during business hours is not a lot of energy. So for four days in January and 55 episodes of Friends to have looked at.

In march, she did it again, this time in a four-day, twenty episodes of Arrested Development and a dozen episodes of Schitt’s Creek, the to watch.

Also, the auditors of the company have been told that they have for the past four years, no holidays, had to be included, and that this be paid the wild, while the plaintiffs argue that they have no room at all of her hours had been recorded.

The woman took it in april and termination of employment. In her resignation letter she would have written to you that the accusations are ridiculous, and were. De Niro has so far refused because of her self-composed letter of recommendation to do so.

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