Rob Geus can croquette eating Michiel Kramer, however, put things into perspective

Michiel Kramer was at the end of 2017, his ex-club Feyenoord fined for eating a sandwich croquette during the cup match against Heracles Almelo, but according to presenter Rob Geus eat a lot of footballers are a fat snack.

“It’s not very tactical what Michael has done. That he that in a full stadium during the match did is not smart”, says Geus, who, in his new program, Cooking with Geus the eating habits of professional footballers are investigating.

“On the other hand, if I’m at the end of this series of twenty of the players have spoken, I will come to know that eighteen of them ever last.”

During the cooking sets Geus players critical questions about their career, but he talks also about nutrition in general. “It’s hilarious, that guests may not cook jn. Fantastic. That is a little bit the nature of the beast. They will be pampered, there is good caring for them.”

‘Big M in their rear view mirrors’

According to him, arise the biggest challenges in the field of nutrition as the players not at the club. “Internally, it is usually well controlled by the bigger clubs in the Netherlands. In the smaller clubs it is a bit less on the strings pulled.”

“Young boys who one day asked to be ready and the stadium exit to see if first the golden M in their rear view mirrors. But let’s be honest, everyone finds it nice to sometimes oilier to eat. But you as a player have a certain responsibility.”

Geus says enough to get cooperation from the clubs and starts with players in the region Rijnmond at work. “But I also want to be sure to think further and see if people like Dirk Kuijt and Henk Fraser is also a time for the pans to go.”

The program is a lot lighter and more positive than save My Holiday or The Smaakpolitie, in which Geus desperate victims willing to help and often the confrontation had to engage with hoteliers and other hospitality operators.

“A lot of people don’t know that I have a kookachtergrond have, that is the basis on which I have ever placed. I have parked when I took the training to become a judge did. Now I take it back a bit in combination with my biggest hobby: football.”

Contract with SBS, after eighteen years, not extended

The contract of Geus at SBS was after eighteen years not renewed. Yet he compares himself after his temporary switch to RTV Rijnmond, not with a soccer player from Real Madrid to Excelsior Maassluis lives.

“When I was at SBS, and was gone, I had also ever something for this broadcasting is done. But if you are on national television works, you are somewhat tied. I find it crazy that this program is broadcast by one of the best-viewed regional broadcasters of the Netherlands. I am with so many fun things. And I close also, not that I ever just again come back, still I’m not ready.”

The first episode of Cooking with Geus was last week’s Friday broadcast.

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