Rob de Nijs ends the career of the tieneridool to the celebrated singer,

Rob de Nijs made a Tuesday, well-known, due to the diagnosis of parkinson’s put an end to his career. The singer does not stop immediately, but it will not have more years on the stage. The 76-year-old artist was nearly sixty years in the music industry, and is a regular fodder for the tabloids.

The Nijs will be at the boxing Day 1942, born in Amsterdam, the netherlands. He was going to go with the young ones in the Market, where he finds out that he likes to be up on the stage. The lead singer is also the experience in the theater, but decided to face the music as he and his band Rob de Nijs and the Lords, his younger brother, Bert, is a part of the finals of a talent competition at the amsterdam Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the trick.

The band released a few singles, but it’s the first hit that scores De Nijs in 1963, at the age of 21, with the Rhythm of the rain, a reworking of the Rhythm of the rain by American band, The Cascades. The song reached the top five of the Dutch album chart and on The net regularly to know themselves, to develop as a tieneridool.

He has many singles out of which it is to be kind, but it is not the success of Rhythm of the rain crying. It’s been a rainy day in the career of the net regularly, that is, slowly but surely, the advertising disappears. In 1968, he stepped for the first time in the south, with Elly Hesseling.

Success televisieacteur as well as new music that catches on

The career of The net regularly seems to be going downhill to go and one of the most popular songs in thousands of concerts, the smaller and scarce as can be. In 1970, it seems to be the end of times, when he was as an actor in children’s television, Oebele is displayed. In 1972, he played the role of Bertram Bierenbroodspot in the children’s television series, Can you please give me the way to Hamelin to tell you, mister?, so, he “re-discovered”.

The record company Phonogram is the right time to make it as a singer, get back to work and bringing in The net regularly in contact with the lead singer and songwriter Boudewijn de Groot and songwriter Lennaert Nijgh. It’s the start of a very successful stint as a singer as well.


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His first album was released In the rest of the afternoon, which contains the hits, Malle Babbe, Jan Klaassen de Trompetter and to-Day the Sister of Ursula. Also, the albums that followed, the harvest of success. For the record, With your eyes closed in 1980, is about five weeks at the top spot on the charts. The song and Picture of the Past grows to be one of the classics of The net regularly.

For the second time, and every year they have a new album

During the eighties, bringing The net regularly, almost every year a new album is on the market. He met Belinda Meuldijk who texts him and, in 1984, when The net regularly, his marriage, Hesseling has terminated the marriage of the two. The couple had two sons, Robbert (36) and Framed (33).

Of the net regularly tries several times to break through in the foreign country, but to no avail. In the Netherlands, he lives out in 1996, and a new high point in his career as a Fearful Heart, be the first single, which was the first place on the charts was reached.


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The third marriage, the third child and the last tour

It was also the last time the singer is in the upper reaches of the charts, but he remains, even in the later years of his career he was active. He continued, albums to deliver, that is the most recent, Not the last, and in 2017 will appear.

After his marriage, Meuldijk, in 2006, on the cliff walk, and married him in 2008, for the third time, this time with his 26 year old younger assistant, Henriette Koetschruiter. Well, the separation of the Meuldijk, if the second marriage is in the gutter broad, there are two. At the age of 69 he was still the son of Julius (7).

After a tour under the name, and Not For The Last time, where there is a similarly named documentary about that will have The net regularly, it is now forced to slow down, do so. The singer says it not right to stop the performance, but it anticipates that parkinsondiagnose will see to it that he is no longer on the stage, able to stand up.

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