Rob de Nijs (76) dies after almost 60 years of performing due to parkinson’s disease

Rob de Nijs turn on, after nearly sixty years, a period in his career. More recently, the 76-year-old singer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease identified, he said in Private.

The singer, who was recently the subject of a discussion with a film clip of one of his live shows, where he has to sit on a stage and watch, ” says al, a bit longer with the news of his illness. “It is, of course, is dramatically in the news. However, we are not demolishing). First, however, and remained scrawled in and it’s going to,” says De Nijs.

When asked if he is afraid, he says, is that the panic just hit. “We are not the whole of the day, not at all. However, as soon as I wake up in the morning, this is with the understanding, however, of course. And that’s hard. It is a progressive disease, isn’t it? It is only going to get worse, never better.”

“And how is it going to be, so we leave it on our face. Henriette (his wife-ed.) it is amazing. Who was a nurse in the past, it can be very helpful. She is a very strong one and it is great. Very down to earth, and you shall have it. That gepanikeer do you no harm.”

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“That I have parkinson’s, for me, this is all new, and in the last couple of weeks’

He has been for fifteen years suffering from the sun. “It started out with a cup of coffee and drop it. And it’s been getting worse and worse, but yet it was a tremor and not parkinson’s disease. It went from bad to worse, so that even the audience noticed. I was only joking about it, and got another round of applause for it, too. That I have parkinson’s, for me, this is all new, and in the last couple of weeks. And think there are now a lot of it.”

Of the net regularly doesn’t immediately occur. In his own words, he gives it one more year. The singer ends the interview by emotional words, in the direction of his fan base: “it is what It is, dear friends. Everything comes to an end. And at the end of my career, why am I here, though I would prefer all of them had seen it, and even better still, many years had passed.”

“I still love my job, but it was good! So, if I now, for the first time, out loud, to say, is that it is almost impossible to believe. Singing, acting, was all of those years of my life. I hope I will have the time and strength to be a great way to be able to quit.”

Of the net regularly and was familiar with the songs, Rhythm of the Rain, Joe and Judy de Trompetter, the Day of sister Ursula, Malle Babbe, and More Heart.


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