RIVM investigates effects on the development of children by traffic

RIVM investigates effects on the development of children by traffic

The national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM), will investigate the impact of traffic noise on the development of children. The following is a recent German study in which five-year-olds in an environment to live with lots of noise that can be heard up to three months behind in their development.

It reports the AD Tuesday. The University of Wuppertal studied that five-year-olds by traffic noise less sleep and are less well developed. An important reason for the RIVM in the Netherlands the effects to examine.

“We are preparing a very big research for the thousands of children from the pregnancy. We follow them to adulthood, to the long-term effects to be measured”, says RIVM-geluidsdeskundige Irene of Camp in the newspaper.

Infants who in the night to more than 10 decibels can be exposed by traffic noise, may in their development up to three months behind children who won’t have to deal with.


By a test that all German children have before they get to the primary school start, knew the researchers that the developmental delay was measurable on multiple fronts. That was for example related to motor function, language and mathematics.

A German professor does not think that the average noise level in Wuppertal (67) is much different from the situation in Dutch cities. In the Netherlands a large part of the people in urban area.

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