RIVM: Gezondheidsdoelen government is still not met

The number of adults that smokes and drinks, is in the Tuesday appeared Health survey/Leefstijlmonitor 2018 of the CBS and the RIVM. However, the preventiedoelen of the government not yet been achieved.

In 2018 suggested 22,4 percent of adults ever smoking. In addition, 50.2 per cent are overweight.

The percentage of people that is too heavy, is not changed compared to 2014. The proportion of smokers and excessive drinkers is decreased.

In 2018, was 9 percent of the Dutch population is of eighteen years of age or older a a heavy drinker. The proportion of heavy drinkers remained compared to 2014 virtually unchanged. The RIVM maintains that a heavy drinker, at least 1 time per week four (for women) and six (for men) glasses of alcohol on a single day drinking. An excessive drinker is someone who is more than fourteen glasses per week for women and 21 glasses of alcohol per week (for men) consume.

The proportion of excessive drinkers has fallen from 9.9 percent in 2014 to 8.2 percent in 2018.

The figures are still far from targets National Preventieakkoord

The percentages of smokers, excessive, and heavy drinkers and people with overweight and obesity are in 2018 is still far above the National Preventieakkoord goals.

With this agreement, wants the national Government together with more than seventy organizations, the proportion of adults that smokes or excessive and heavy drinking, reducing to 5 percent in 2040. The percentage of obese people according to the goals to 38 per cent.


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