Risks drug 4-FA is greater than heretofore known

Risks drug 4-FA is greater than heretofore known

Photo: Trimbos Instituut

The risks of the drug 4-FA are larger than was believed up to now. Use of the drug can lead to cardiac problems and strokes.

Warn of the Trimbos-institute and Jellinek Thursday after a joint research.

First-aid organizations of large-scale events and other medical services that are connected to the Monitor Drugsincidenten in a short time a considerable increase of the number of health incidents after use of 4-FA have been reported.

The symptoms that occur vary from mild and severe headache to brain hemorrhages and heart problems. Research has shown that, in a short time several patients are in the hospital after innname of 4-FA.

Trimbos and Jellinek say that there are probably also people have died after the use of 4-FA. They base this on information from first aid posts. Here is further research to be done among other things with the help of the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI).

A spokesman of the Trimbos says that this research is taken into account “person, means and circumstances. Has anyone besides 4-FA also, for example, alcohol or other drugs used? How was his physical condition? There needs to be further research to be done.”


4-FA is at this moment legal, because it is a so-called ‘new psychoactive substance’ (NPS). The drug is not banned under the opium act.

The Trimbos says that the Coordination point Assessment and Monitoring new drugs (CAM) for a long time with a risk analysis of 4-FA. The CAM advises the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport about taking action.

The results of the research will be in October. Trimbos says the risk of the drug now is already so great to find that the results are not awaited to be. It is, therefore, the institute now have a warning.


4-FA, also known as 4-FMP is called, gives users a euphoric feeling. People who use the drug say better control over himself than after taking ECSTASY. That is probably one of the reasons for the increased popularity of the drug. The drug comes in both pill and powder for.

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