‘Risk of uterine cancer decreases by breastfeeding’

‘Risk of uterine cancer decreases by breastfeeding’

Women who breastfeed their babies, would be less likely to have endometrial cancer. They were 11 percent less likely to the disease than women who did have children, but not breastfeeding.

According to research from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The research consists of a meta-analysis of 17 previous studies, which 8.981 women with endometrial cancer were examined. The control group consisted of 17.241 women.

Longer breastfeeding would be the chances of endometrial cancer even further reduce. The most favourable is to a breastfeeding period of six to nine months, say the researchers.

In the majority of cases (90 to 95 percent) results in endometrial cancer in the uterine lining, the endometrium. Uterine cancer is also called endometriumcarcinoom called.


“The more women know how to reduce the risk of future kankerdiagnoses can reduce, the better”, says lead researcher Susan Jordan know in a comment to Reuters.

The research does not prove that breastfeeding helps protect against uterine cancer, but according to the authors, it is plausible. This is because the growth of the cancer cells in the uterus is stimulated by the hormone estrogen, which is suppressed during breast-feeding.

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