‘Risk of traffic accident is twice as high in sleep deprivation of two hours’

‘Risk of traffic accident is twice as high in sleep deprivation of two hours’

Drivers undergoing sleep deprivation, and an increased risk in a traffic accident to get involved. If they are in a 24-hour period to a deficit of one to two hours to have the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, doubles the chance of a collision.

The American organization AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed surveys of 7.234 motorists which 4.571 were involved in a car accident.

The more sleep a driver is missing, the higher the risk of a collision. According to the study, a motorist 4.3 times as much chance of a collision with a sleep of just four to five hours. In less than four hours, this is 11.5 times as much.

In the Netherlands there are no recent figures are known which such a link. According to the Foundation for Scientific Research of road Safety (SWOV) may be a conservative estimate can be made, on the basis of foreign studies, that 10 to 15 percent of road accidents (also) have to do with fatigue or falling asleep behind the wheel.


In contrast to, for example, alcohol is not currently possible, a legal limit which is determined whether a motorist should or should not drive because of the degree of fatigue.

The SWOV indicates that safety issues around fatigue in the movement not only in relatively larger countries where it is more common that directors have long distances to drive.

Possible tools for fatigue while driving is to prevent, among others, by traveling during night hours to avoid it, with an alert passenger to travel with who might alternate can be, and through the occasional breaks.

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