‘Risk of stroke was significantly lower in men who at a later age, moving more’

‘Risk of stroke was significantly lower in men who at a later age, moving more’

Men of middle age more exercise are going to do, thus the risk of a stroke may be halved.

According to Norwegian scientists, men who move little the health of their heart ” within seven years, greatly improved.

Researchers at the university of Oslo looked at the fitness of 1,400 men who at the beginning of the study in the forty or fifty were. Most of them were less movement as they get older, but one in three was active.

When comparing the most active men with the least active men showed that the first group, 56 percent less likely than the second group of getting a stroke later in life.

In total got on the eight participants in the study suffered a stroke in the 28 years that they were followed.


From this research it can be concluded that it is never too late to start moving more. “The men that much more went move, had not at all fit,” said Erik Prestgaard of the university of Oslo according to The Telegraph, during a congress in Barcelona.

However, it is important to move to keep up. “When you’re at your 50th in a good shape, you can’t continue to rely on the good years that you behind the back.”

The men who were fitter were, went under more regular walking and cycling. “It was really no marathonrenners.”

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