‘Risk of complications after cesarean section is greater than previously thought”

‘Risk of complications after cesarean section is greater than previously thought”

Women who have just given birth with a caesarean section run a high risk of a rapid abdominal surgery. This is an operation in which 30 percent of their uterus loses, according to research from the Leiden UMC.

This is reported True. Physician-researcher Tom Witteveen was promoted Wednesday to this research. He examined together with doctors in other hospitals, women who have abdominal surgery underwent after a caesarean section.

This caesarean section can lead to rupture of the uterus, severe internal bleeding, or strong vaginal blood loss. Abdominal surgery is often done right after childbirth. In thirty percent of these women turns out is ultimately necessary for the uterus to take away.

Four of the ten operations takes place in women who have their first child got. The risk of such a procedure is small, but after a caesarean, or nearly seventeen times as great as after a natural childbirth.


“That’s the difference with the vaginal birth is so strong it appears, is surprising,” says Witteveen in Faith. Also in the planned cesarean section is the risk of a revision surgery is still ten times as large as for the natural childbirth.

Between 1999 and 2012, the proportion of caesarian sections from 11 to 16 percent. The world health organization states that this procedure should only be performed if it is medically necessary. It would only be at 10 percent of the births are necessary. Witteveen: “Expectant mothers often think, mistakenly, that a caesarean is the most safe way”.

The university doctors want pregnant women more information about the possible complications of abdominal surgery.

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