Riots around the ‘Yellow Shirts’ cost France up to now 200 million

The vandalism and looting that since mid-november in France are committed around protests of the ‘Yellow Shirts’, the French insurers are already 200 million euros cost.

The French Federation of Insurers has Tuesday reported that of that amount to 175 million was paid to businesses for damages and lost income.

The rest of the money is for compensation of damage to cars and homes gone.

The increasingly higher burden for the public for klimaatplannen of the government of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, led in October to a spontaneous protest movement on the internet.

By the protests deleted the government additional excise duties

Especially outside the large cities came the middle class in revolt. Mid-november were the first mass demonstrations and road blocks with hundreds of thousands of participants against the higher tax on petrol and diesel.

The size of the demonstrations, every Saturday, for a long time very remained strong and the government has the trigger quickly deleted.


Summary: Violence ‘Yellow Shirts’movement from the inside filmed

Group of rioters began to loot during the protest

The protests were two weeks ago, quite out of hand. Therefore, want to be president Macron demonstrations on the Champs-Élysées in Paris prohibit. During a protest by the ‘Yellow Shirts’ beat masked protesters to loot on this Parisian boulevard.

The police continued with tear gas and water cannons to force the header to print. A herenmodewinkel and a restaurant were targeted by the rioters. Were also a bank and a kiosk on fire.

As a reaction to the actions of the police were agents pelted with stones. Mid-afternoon, there were already more than eighty demonstrators were arrested.

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