Rioters start fire in Hamburg on the first day of G20 summit

Rioters start fire in Hamburg on the first day of G20 summit

Photo: AFP

Rioters have Friday morning, the first day of the G20 summit, in Hamburg cars on fire. That happened at the Hamburg-Altona station with molotov cocktails is thrown.

The police are the public called the station to avoid and not to mingle among the ‘western and eastern philosophy’, the rioters.

Many ultra-left and anarchist groups like the international economic summit of the G20, Friday and Saturday, disrupting. Activists block at different places in the city intersections.

For the top is a safety zone set up. The Hamburg-Altona train station is west of. It is Friday riots came at a station in the southeastern district of Veddel.


Fire brigades cars after arson in Hamburg

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In the centre of the city, succeeded riot police managed a group of around two hundred protesters in the St. michaelis church. The German authorities fear that there are an estimated eight thousand violent rioters at the G20 summit in Hamburg down, in addition to many tens of thousands of ultra-left protesters.

There are for that reason approximately twenty thousand agents on the bone to the heads of state and government leaders Friday and Saturday to protect. Thursday night became protesters have already clashed with the police, there were already several demonstrations organized in the city.

During the riots were 111 cops injured. The police arrested nearly thirty people, of whom fifteen are locked, notify the authorities Friday. According to activists, there are also many demonstrators were injured, among whom were a number of very serious.

There is a lot of damage caused to parked cars, shops and a courthouse. The riots, caused by the ultra-left demonstration ‘Welcome to hell’, which lasted the whole night. Friday morning are rioters also back on the road and established brand in cars such as the posh Elbchaussee. There, according to eyewitnesses, between twenty and thirty cars destroyed by the flames.


The G20 summit is, as usual, in the character of different economic topics, but the hostess and chancellor Angela Merkel gave before that the climate has an important role to play during the summit.

Much attention is paid to the arrival of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the meeting between the American president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Demonstration on eve G20 in Hamburg

According to the Hamburg police agents in various parts of the city was attacked and is on multiple spots of damage.

The police protesters called for home.

The organization of the protest march, the demonstration shut down, after the riots came.

Riot police spray water cannons on the protesters.

A protester, it does not seem very much to find that she is natgespoten.

A protester shouts at riot police as another protester is arrested.

The wounded are cared for by medical staff.

Black-clad demonstrators and riot police were Thursday night in opposition to each other.

The protesters, mostly anti-capitalists, protesting during a so-called ‘Welcome to Hell-demonstration.

Protesters as the march has just started, held up by hundreds of agents.

The black costumed protesters with water bottles to the police thrown in, then water cannons at its disposal.

The demonstration is directed against the leaders who are guests at the G20 summit. In total are 20,000 agents on the leg.

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