‘Rinse papaverzaadolie increases chances of pregnancy’

‘Rinse papaverzaadolie increases chances of pregnancy’

Women who are difficult can become pregnant, have more chances of conception when they have their fallopian tubes let rinse with papaverzaadolie. That treatment is less heavy and cheaper than ivf.

To say that gynecologists of the medical center in the AD as a result of a survey of over 1,100 women who are difficult can become pregnant.

Half of the participants received, via a catheter, a means of water-based administered, and the other half to rinse papaverzaadolie. The rinse was intended to dead cells and paper balls in the tubes to clean up.

Within half a year was of the group that papaverzaadolie received 40 percent become pregnant. The other group was that percentage to 29 percent.

Better implantation

“Finally proof”, responds professor of gynecology, Ben Willem Mol, who helped with the study. The mother of Mole left in 1960, her fallopian tubes flush with papaverzaadolie because she is not pregnant could be. Soon after that she was still pregnant. “It makes me think though that the 51 years it should take for your own conception have been proven.”

The researchers suspect that the oil makes for a better implantation of the eggs in the uterus. Further, the treatment is a lot cheaper than ivf: 150 versus an average of 3,000 euros.

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