Rijnstate hospital investigates new treatment and hot flash

Rijnstate hospital investigates new treatment and hot flash

The Gelderse “ziekenhuis Rijnstate” wants women in the transition from severe hot flashes see to help with a new method. It examines, or numbness of a neural node the symptoms (temporarily) can reduce.

“The first results are very promising”, were the researchers Friday know.

The Rijnstate point the onderzoekspijlen on a neural node in the neck. “This is in connection with a part of the brain that an important role seems to have with hot flashes. By to give an injection in this location, allowing the neural node is numb, we have in the preliminary study given that a large proportion of the women the hot flashes greatly reduce,” says pijnspecialist Jan Willem Kallewaard.

The effect seems to average a number of months, and then the hot flashes gradually return. “Can the injection be repeated up to four times per year.” The treatment can only be undergone as part of the research.

Rijnstate has locations in Arnhem, Velp and Zevenaar.

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