Right will operate the smartphone in car holder is the same as hold

Right will operate the smartphone in car holder is the same as hold

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The during the driving operation of a phone in a car holder, according to the court, the same as a phone while driving stick.

Determines that the court, in a case in which the convicted on appeal. The director had earlier this year imposed a fine for holding a mobile phone while driving.

The condemned pleaded his phone in a holder on the dashboard to use. According to the court, should the concept of “retention” however is much broader to be interpreted when it comes to phones in the car.


As a result, clamping a phone between ear and shoulder, or between a headscarf is also already under the hold of the aircraft, and is therefore just as punishable. A phone may according to the law, only hands-free to be operated, for example, via a voice assistant.

The court will find that also when using a phone in a car cradle yet, but one hand is free for controlling the car. In addition, according to the court, not to close or the driver, WhatsApp, or social media used. That would put the driver even further distracted from the traffic situation, and more involved in the control of his phone.

Thus, the judge in the decision of the officer of justice to impose a fine. On the basis of what the police have seen, explained that a fine of 239 euros for the holding of a phone. The police saw the driver on his phone in the car holder.

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