Rider Just grabs the european CHAMPIONSHIP-gold-in by activists disrupted finale

The Swiss rider Martin Fuchs has the last Sunday in Rotterdam, for the European title, the title division. The finale was disrupted by animal rights activists during the tour, Dutchman Marc Houtzager.

The two women climbed into the ring in order to protest against cruelty to animals. They had the lyrics on their bodies, painted as a “Stop-paardenslavernij”. When did the women have to catch it, and while Sawyer have been circulating are simply just on the back of Today’s Calimero.

The rider is recognized later by the Dutch, that the only two women to him, lot had to be derived. “I just thought, first of all, do I maybe have a wrong track? I would think the woman saw this, I thought: what’s going on here? But when I was in my focus, so I went on as usual.”

Sawyer did due to all the distractions in the time allotted, giving him a penalty point for a few years. This was after the jury is discharged, allowing him to qualify until the final.

The rider from Bristol has called the actions of the activists are “ridiculous”. “They are just idiots. I just think it’s ridiculous, and we will take care to be very good for the horses. They have a very good life. This is just a complete load of crap.”

Marc Houtzager after the battle at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS: “It’s just the idiots’ (video): Suddenly, there was cheering in the Forest (Kralingse bos). Usually everyone is quiet, it sounded like the sound now, angry tones at the trial of Marc Houtzager. Two animal rights activists did not interfere with the…

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Just as benefits of wrong Maher

START winner, Just as it could for the course be with no distractions to finish. The Swiss rider stayed at the back of Clooney 51 without error, and saw that next to the British klassementsleider Ben Maher is one of the last hurdles in the wrong. He won with the Explosion W as still in silver, while the Belgian rider, Jos Verlooy, with Igor, the bronze medal.

Frank on Sunday, the second Dutchman in the european CHAMPIONSHIP final, continued to be very, very far away from the medals. He tapped his temple with Lyonel D soon, the three bars on the screen, and he’s seen it before, loved it. Sunday ended up as the final one.

“It is a pity, because Lyonel was doing well the last few days,” he said. “I just wanted to make the best out of it and would like to error-free to drive. Unfortunately, it did not work. I stopped after the third error is because the horse has not earned, for there is no need to jump in.”

The Dutch team was in the CHAMPIONSHIP in the silver to get to the final of the dressage competition. The international contest at the jump, resulting in an eighth place.

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