Rick Brandsteder get a week conditional to abuse

Rick Brandsteder get a week conditional to abuse

Rick Brandsteder get a week conditional imprisonment and a fine of 750 euros for assault. The Public Prosecutor had six weeks ‘ imprisonment, of which four are conditional, against him demanded.

The lawyer Brandsteder pleaded for a prison sentence of one day.

Brandsteder would be on January 30 someone several times in the face punched. The host of Temptation Island would be the course in the row in front of the toilet. There he was by someone in the queue pointed out.

Brandsteder tells that he is right in his apology, but it is not on correctly could count the man. “You must not think that you should, because you Brandsteder hot”, the man would have said. The presenter responded there is not, then the man continued to provoke.

The outburst of anger

The presenter believes that the provocations he had a outburst of anger arose in which he is the victim several times in the face hit. Brandsteder admits that he is under the influence, but that has according to him had nothing to do with his use of violence.

According to the victim, is the story different. He saw someone discerned and decided what to say, but was then immediately pressed to the ground and beaten. When he tried to stand he got a slap in his face.


It is not the first time that the presenter is in the court. In 2011, Brandsteder and his brother Robert were arrested, after the declaration against them was done because of public violence. They were then on new year’s eve involved in a brawl in a café in Amsterdam.

In may 2008, was the presenter involved in a brawl during an after-party of a Top concert. Brandsteder would be there on the buttocks of Yvonne Dubbelboer have been in a quarrel ended.

Brandsteder got together with his younger brother in september 2007, was also involved in a brawl, when in an Amsterdam snack bar.

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