Review world cup rugby: team Captain Kolisi, let’s wish’s come true

The moment Siya Kolisi is in Yokohama, with the Web Ellis Cup above his head, he has a strong symbolic and cultural value in South Africa. As the first black captain of the Springboks was the rugbyer Saturday, which antiapartheidsstrijder Nelson Mandela was a few decades ago had in mind.

To assess the impact of the image of Kolisi, with the world cup on the appropriate value of to be able to estimate it, we must go back to the world cup in 1995. A year after the inauguration of nelson Mandela as president, was that the tournament will have a big impact on the history of the regenboognatie in South Africa.

In south Africa, it was in the last century, due to the “apartheid” years and years of boycotts on sporting events. The world cup rugby 1995, it was the first major international sports tournament that is organized in the country after the racial segregation between white and black was removed.

Rugby is traditionally the sport of the white population in South Africa, while black people, especially football lovers. The “Springboks” as the nickname of the national rugby team is, in the last century, the pride of the rich, white minority.

As for the world cup in 1995 in South Africa, it was held, had hoped for a lot of black South Africans, and that the team would go. After decades of systematic oppression by the white population, there was a question of envy and hatred.

Former president Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar after the world cup final in 1995, is an iconic image of the South African sports history. (Photo: Getty Images)

World cup 1995 made in Invictus

Nelson Mandela chose his politics, however, to reconciliation can take place. He wanted to be on the division of the country as a unit, and saw rugby as a unifying force.

The president called on the people to support the team and to “stand up”. When in South Africa in the final at Ellis Park in Johannesburg, south africa by 15-12 to be too strong for New Zealand, was launched in nelson Mandela, in a dark green ‘Springboks’shirt, and hat on the pitch for the cup to be handed over to the team captain, Francois Pienaar.

As a black man in the t-shirt of the Springboks’ was almost unthinkable in South Africa as well as the symbolic action of mr Mandela will continue to be seen as a turning point in the history of the country. With the world cup, it was later made into a feature film in the Invictus, with Morgan Freeman in the role of Mandela and Matt Damon as Pienaar.

Siya Kolisi becomes-the-third – @Springboks captain, to lift the #WebbEllisCup, writing his name into South African history, alongside Francois Pienaar and John Smit. #StrongerTogether #RWCFinal

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Kolisi’s first black leader, the ‘Springboks’

Since the world championship of 1995 was the integration of South Africa to take small steps to move forward. But in the year 2019, the gap between rich and poor is still painful and severe violent crimes are the order of the day.

Also, the inclusion of black players in the Springboks’ was slow. In 1995, the world CHAMPIONSHIPS selection of a black player. Twelve years later, with the gaining for the second time in South Africa, in France, was captain John Smith and two black allies.

In 2019, once again, twelve years later, 12 of the 31 selectiespelers in South Africa at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Japan, the black players. The 28-year-old Kolisi was the first non-white South African wine, chosen to be the captain.

Kolisi who grew up in the township

Kolisi had a very tough childhood, like many other black South Africans. He grew up in Zwide, an impoverished township in Port Elizabeth and east london. His mother was sixteen years old when Kolisi was born, and his father was still going to school.

There was so much money that Kolisi is on for some days and eat nothing could. It seemed inconceivable that he would grow up to be a 1.88 the sound-meter-long and 105 kg rugbytopper, especially after the death of his mother when he was fifteen years of age.

Kolisi did not give up and continued to have a dream to pursue. Rugby union provided a way of escape from his seemingly hopeless situation.

“We’re a team, a team that consists of different races and from different backgrounds. However, we have one goal,” said Kolisi, shortly after he was on Saturday, the world cup trophy received.

“We’ve done this before in South Africa, a country that has a lot of problems. We have been able to show that you can achieve it, as long as you are working with.”

🗣 “I have never seen that South Africa is like this. We were playing for the people back home. We can achieve anything if we work together as one.”
Hear from @Springboks’s, Siya Kolisi, on what is not just a #RWCFinal to win – It’s more than that 👏👏
#RWC2019 #ENGvRSA #WebbEllisCup

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Pienaar: ‘world championships of 2019, has more value than that of 1995’

Pienaar had on Sunday and know that the world championships in 2019, in its eyes, has more value than that of 1995. “This is a very mixed team, which is six weeks long, by 58 million people in the foot, followed by. People of all races were wearing a green shirt, that it wasn’t my time.”

“In order to become a world champion, you have to work together very well,” said Pienaar. “That’s made this team and it was a good message for our country, which is poorly directed, and re-erected it should be.”

Siya Kolisi. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

South Africa was twelve years ago, it’s better than it was now

Francois Steyn is the only player in the world cup in 2007 and the tournament of the year, was going through. “It seems to me that the country was twelve years ago, is better represented than it is now,” said the old hand, after the 32-12 ordering victory over England in the final.

“I can see for the last time, so much of the violence in the news, it seems to be getting worse and worse too. Our hope is that our title will help the country as a unit.”

Right after you won the world cup final in Yokohama, was founded in South Africa, the plan is to have Monday as a public holiday, in order for the unit to work at all. As President, Cyril Ramaphosa, gave no ear to it.

However, the ‘Springboks’ for the next week all over the country paid homage to it. Starting on Thursday, with parades in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Soweto, the largest township in the country. After that, there are also celebrations taking place in Durban, East London, Kolisi’s hometown of Port Elizabeth and east london, and Cape town are planned.

And maybe it’s time for Invictus ‘ II take it. By this time it is not nelson Mandela, but Kolisi is in the lead.

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