Return to Mary Poppins: “This film is a love letter to the original’

Mary Poppins is back: 54 years after the iconic hollywood musical film, based with Julie Andrews crawls Emily Blunt in the skin of the nanny on the family Banks. spoke to the director and key actors on the realization of high expectations in the new family film from Disney: Mary Poppins Returns.

Mary Poppins is seen as one of the most popular musicalfilms all times, and in 1965 was nominated for thirteen Oscars, of which five were redeemed.

In the film, was an impressive combination between animation and liveaction (human actors), who was rewarded with the Oscar for best visual effects. Also the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, sung by Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke, with many in the memory.

According to Joris Oprins, one of the founders of animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke, the combination of animation and liveaction in the first part is indeed “insane”. “Such a scene as that with the dancing penguins was a really ground-breaking, certainly for that time. Technically, everything was much more complex than it is now: those scenes were without a computer.”

At that time it was done by the use of two types of negatives: one where the animators (with the hand) could draw, and one with the actors. Those two negatives were then merged.

“Nowadays, when you a blast to see in a movie, it will look very realistic,” says Oprins, who, with his studio a few years ago to an Oscar nomination in the awards with the short animation film A Single Life. “But the fact that you are in Mary Poppins clearly see that the animations are ‘fake’ are, makes it extra cool.”

Mary Poppins: then and now

Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins in an animated scene.

Dick van Dyke, who in both Mary Poppins-film, and Emily Blunt.

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins.

A scene from the new Mary Poppins movie.

Combination of animation and liveaction in the new film.

‘In this way with the hand animation is a lost art form”

The new film, Mary Poppins Returns, and dragged at the beginning of december all four nominations in the wait for the Golden Globes: for the film itself, for actors Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda and for best original soundtrack.

According to Miranda, who gaslantaarnaansteker Jack plays in the new movie, did Disney a great move by Rob Marshall as a director for Mary Poppins Returns. Marshall comes from the world of theatre, but was later moved to the white cloth. He is responsible for films such as Chicago (awarded with six Oscars) and Memoirs of a Geisha.

“He is the biggest Mary Poppins fan in the world and wanted that first part to really protect and honor. He wanted to be a love letter to the original writing,” says the 38-year-old Miranda, who is famous as the creator of the musical Hamilton.

A long, animated scene is one of the ways in which Marshall that tribute. “He insisted that kind of scene to do,” says Miranda. “It was the first song that we are recording, so that the animators to work.”

That work is in accordance with Oprins is nowadays a lot easier than in the sixties. “You can animation and liveaction basically with one press of a button combine, that’s a breeze compared to the past. It can even on your phone. Further, the differences between drawn animation on paper or using a computer that is very big: I wonder if there are still animators who can work as at that time. In that way, with the hand to animate it, like in Mary Poppins, I think it is a lost art form.”

Personally see Oprins is the value of the sequel. “I certainly believe that Emily Blunt is very good as Mary Poppins, but if I were on that film and think, I think especially to that animatiescènes. I’m curious how they think to surpass. Also: why would you be such a good movie again?”


Three films until decades later, a sequel had

Marshall went back to books of P. L. Travers

Mary Poppins Returns plays out in the thirties of the previous century. Michael and Jane Banks, which in the original were children are now grown up. Michael Banks is his wife, with whom he has three children, got lost and is also on the point of his house to lose.

Director Marshall surfaced again in the books of the British writer P. L. Travers, in which the first film is based, for his film. “She has eight books written so there is a lot of material, although it is more to create a separate adventures then that there really is a storyline to discover. Which we had to ourselves create. But the fact that the stories were set in the thirties, has helped: you can feel the economic crisis. That I took as a starting point, because we are now in a dark time of life in which people have a hard time.”

Marshall wanted the viewer to take in what was there between 1910, the year in which the first film took place, and the thirties is what has happened with Michael and Jane Banks. “They are grown up, with all the responsibilities that that entails. They are perhaps also a little bit of that sense of wonder lost children. Furthermore, it is Michael and his wife lost: all reasons for the return of Mary Poppins. They need the family to heal and help. That was the starting point of my film.”

‘Pressure to do well came not from Disney

Pressure to do well came at the 58-year-old Marshall, especially of themselves and not of Disney. “They knew that I, with much care, love and respect to work would go. So that pressure came especially from the inside. I wanted something new to create with respect for the old.”

“When I told her Emily Blunt and Mary would play, threw Julie Andrews, her hands in the air”
Director Rob Marshall

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt said thanks to Marshall with a confident ‘yes’ to the film. “If there was any pressure, Rob (Marshall) who we kept away,” says Miranda. “That is what good directors do. I’ve never had the feeling that I have certain expectations had to deliver because of the success of the first film.”

Healthy nerves were there. “I see nerves as fuel. If you put them on the wrong way explode the ship, but if you put them on the right way they can help you ship forward.”

Blunt looked at Julie Andrews to create their own Mary Poppins

The 35-year-old Blunt was in the first instance, both stressed as pleased when she heard that she and Mary would play. “It was exciting because I was such a big character would play, but at the same time, I had a lot of confidence in Rob Marshall,” said the actress, who had previously worked with the director for the hollywood musical film, based Into the Woods (2014). “I knew that this film in his hands was safe and that was a comforting thought.”

The actress decided the movie with Julie Andrews deliberately don’t look back. “Then I would probably intimidated by how they did it, while I have my own version of Mary Poppins wanted to drop.”

Incidentally, said director Marshall, who is good friends with Julie Andrews, but with the now 83-year-old actress about a potential role in his film. “When I told her Emily Blunt and Mary would play, she threw her hands in the air for joy. Then we discussed whether they should return, but they immediately said, ” No, this film is Emily Blunt, and all attention should go to her. She is now Mary Poppins’. I thought that was so smart and sweet of her.”

Mary Poppins Returns on Wednesday, to be shown in Dutch cinemas. In addition to Blunt and Miranda are, among others, Ben Whishaw, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and Emily Mortimer to see in the film. In addition, Dick van Dyke, a small supporting role.

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