Restoration of Notre-Dame will resume after the alarm is on loodverontreiniging

After a short break, due to the risk of lead poisoning, the work on the cathedral of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday to resume it. There is still a lot of rubble before you can begin to rebuild.

A significant part of the centuries old cathedral on the the Île de la Cité was on april 15, was lost during a fierce fire, which broke out during restoration work, and on the same occasion, the speed of the structure is distributed. The roof of the central spire of the cathedral of Notre-Dame cathedral collapsed as a result of the fire.

The rest of the cathedral, is one of the most important symbols of the French nation, could hardly be saved.

In and around schools in the vicinity of the cathedral, which were elevated levels of lead are found. The area around the cathedral of Notre-Dame, had to go in for a thorough cleaning. (Photo: Reuters)

A higher concentration of looddeeltjes around the cathedral

The fire is made of hundreds of tons of lead smelting. Looddeeltjes end up in the air and in the ground. Research has shown the concentration of lead in the air to attack, but the area immediately around the cathedral and in close proximity to several schools on the left bank of the Seine, it was the metal found in the ground. Children are much more susceptible to lead poisoning than adults.

A group by the name of Robin Hood, accusing the authorities of negligence and has filed a lawsuit. It would be much too late, that occurred to residents of, and visitors to guard against lead poisoning.

In the area where the looddeeltjes in the soil were found and removed from it. And with the blood of more than 160 children at the schools in the area were tested for the presence of lead, reports Le Monde. 146 of them were no alarming values, 16 of which had small amounts of lead in their blood, and for 2, it was officially a question of lead poisoning. She had had no medical treatment is needed.


The images of the destruction in the ruins of the cathedral of Notre-Dame

The cathedral should be in different places, will be supported and will be cleared of debris before the rebuilding can begin. (Photo: AFP)

Site closed

The French health and safety inspectorate continued to work on the cathedral, on the 25th of July, stop to have more stringent measures put in place. The site has been completely sealed off; the people who work there have to wegwerpkleding to wear and can be washed off before they go outside.

Provisionally, the cathedral still structurally be safe, and clear of debris. Thus, flying buttresses supported, and the top and bottom of the kerkgewelf the temporary ceilings are made for the disposal of debris is a lot easier. The old jetty, which is due to the fire and to each other, are rendered, they must be removed.

His workers look at the damage to the roof of the cathedral of Notre-Dame. (Photo: AFP)

Rebuild to start on its earliest date for the beginning of next year

Once the work has been completed, the damage to the centuries-old church of Notre-Dame, is to be established. One of the main questions being asked was the condition of the stone: if they get wet, they need to be replaced. To be able to the actual restoration will start next year.

It is well known that, in the collapsed tower, the roof, the frame and up to 15 percent of the vaulted ceiling have to be re-built. That will take up a lot of debate, to lead it, for example, should it be decided whether the cathedral is as accurate as possible in its original condition to be returned, or that there is not enough room for modern adaptations. The design for the construction of the tower will be selected in an international competition for architects and engineers.

Two months after the fire, the first mass was held in a zijkapel of the cathedral of Notre-Dame. The diocese hopes to soon be able to make use of the nave of the cathedral, by the fire, was spared. (Photo: AFP)

So as soon as possible to miss inside the cathedral

As soon as the debris has been removed, and that the necessary measures have been taken, the diocese and the church of Notre-Dame re-open for the people. The nave of the church remained intact during the fire, and there’s enough space to miss and to love. It also discussed the setting up of a temporary ‘cathedral’ in the tent on the square in front of the cathedral of Notre-Dame.

The investigation into the cause of the fire, and in the course of the bluswerkzaamheden is still on. Researchers have, however, concluded that there was no question of arson. The fire was most likely caused by an electrical fault or have a point, sigarettenpeuk.

A staff member will create a lot of debris to clean from the cathedral of Notre-Dame. (Photo: AFP)


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