Restarts take over TV in 2017?

2016 had enough of the long-awaited reboot of “Gilmore Girls “Fuller House” – and it looks like 2017 will be no different.

Last week, Variety confirmed a reboot of The “Honeymooners” is in the works at CBS and Sony is reportedly planning to reboot “All in the Family” “Good Times” and “The Jefferson’s.” So will be in 2017 a blast from the past TV wise?

Senior TV reporter for Variety, Daniel Holloway said that we can expect a lot of reboots in 2017, and it is no surprise, since revivals almost always reels in the viewers for their premieres.

“With more scripted tv shows than ever on broadcast, cable and streaming, and programmers are struggling to find ways to get their shows are distinguishable. Reboot, or a revival of a classic is a way to generate buzz for a show and attracts visitors to at least check out the first episode.”

And Ron Simon, a curator at the Paley Center for Media, said the storylines of old shows could be relevant again today, so it’s time to look back at them.

CBS made headlines last week announced a revival of “the Honeymooners” was in the works.

“… It is no wonder that the producers go back in the archives to search for programs that may be attractive over time and generations,” Simon explained. “Perhaps, producers saw something archetypal in the situations of ‘The Honeymooners’ and ‘All in the Family”, which is rewritten may also appeal to a completely new target audience. Certainly this series specifically has to do with economic struggle, an issue that was paramount during the last elections.”

“Gilmore Girls” and “Fuller House” both great names for themselves on Netflix in 2016, plus they generated many news reports.

But pop culture expert Cate Meighan said that if 2017 is started to see a lot of success, they must have a strong dose of nostalgia.

“The most successful campaigns, such as ‘Fuller’ House included the same actors, the characters we loved so much way back when,” she explained.

PR expert Ryan McCormick said the restart of the potential old.

“[2017 has started] will be a loud reminder that Hollywood is a generation of creative funk. [In 2017,] millions of finally their banks to go outside and experience real life….out of boredom with TV.”

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