Rest on Cuba

CUBE – small island in Caribbean sea, become by a world symbol of freedom, today – the unique socialist state of the Western hemisphere.

Cuba – present paradise for tourists, fine snow-white beaches with crystal blue waters, coral reeves and shallows for fishing, various exotic flora and fauna – you will find all this on Cuba.
But Cuba is not only magnificent nature, it first of all benevolent and hospitable Cubans, and also the deepest history. Many cities till now store traces and spirit of gains Spain of Latin America, memory of attacks of corsairs. Till now ancient guns of the Cuban forts and fortresses are aimed in the sea pending bloody piracy attacks.

The best hotels of island are located along the most known Cuban beach Varadero located in 130 kilometers from Havana.
Twenty kilometers of the smallest white sand and azure blueness of ocean waters, apparently, are specially created by the nature for a resort of a world class.

 Ecological tourism uses the greatest success: campaigns in mountains, fishing, nodiving. The nature of Cuba is surprising on the beauty. Plains and hills, and falls, violent tropical vegetation with bright looses of magnificent colors simply amaze the rivers.

Many come to Cuba to be treated – the plastic surgery, treatment of dermatological diseases, surgery, cardiology here are highly developed. Involves tourists and the sated cultural life of island. Here pass numerous musical festivals, festival of ballet. The most interesting event – the well-known Cuban carnival which passes in February.

Cuba by the right is considered one of the most safe countries of the world. Even at late night you absolutely easy can walk in any quarter.

The Cuban kitchen is international. In it widely use tropical fruit and vegetables. The basis of a diet is made with a black string bean and fig.

And one more plus. Rounds to Cuba are visa-free for the Russian citizens. Probably it is fruits of indestructible friendship of Soviet and Cuban people …

 All is Cuba – a true pearl of the Caribbean islands!

The capital of Cuba is, undoubtedly, the major tourist center of largest of the Greater Antilles. And the centre of gravity inside of Havana is its historical center, in 1982 declared by UNESCO property of mankind. This part of city during many centuries was considered ” as a key from gulf of Mexico “, and its visiting is included into the obligatory program of stay on island.
Owing to a favourable arrangement the city has shortly turned to large port where made parking the majority of the Spanish ships transported to Spain riches, extracted in its American colonies, and in the basic axis of trade and the sea message between Old and New Light.
All these advantages connected first of all with a strategic arrangement of city, have rendered direct influence on its further prosperity – Havana has started to expand under protection of the best defensive system on the American continent and surrounded as a fortification which construction begun in XVII century and completed only of 100 years after, with most has begun was considered expensive and inefficient.

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