Rest in Venice

Rest in Venice

Venice – city of channels and palaces », surprising city on beauty of east Italy. There is a city on 118 small islands between continent and Adriatic sea. The city is penetrated by 160 channels through which are thrown more than 400 bridges. Such sensation is created, that the city has grown directly from water. The historical city centre is nodivided into six quarters: Dignity Marco, Dorsoduro, Dignity Polo, Santa Croche, Cannareghio and Castello. The main artery of city is Grandee the Channel passing through each area and twisted during all Venice, from railway station San Marco.
 Across Venice it is possible to walk on foot, and there where to pass water stirs will help gondolas, river  taxi.
 To begin survey of Venice is better from Sacred Mark’s area (Piazza San Marco) where there is Sacred Mark’s erected in 11 century the majestic Cathedral. The floor in it is laid out by a marble, and walls – gold mosaics. On the area Dignity Marco costs a palace of Doges (Palace Ducale). The palace is connected to prison the bridge of Sighes. The name it has received that on it spent to the last centuries imprisoned of the Palace of Doges. During blossoming the Venetian Republic it served as a residence of the government. Along walls portraits of all governors of Venice hang.

 The big channel – the main channel of Venice. Under the form it reminds latin «S». On its coast houses of the nobility cost. Most well-known of them – the Gold House in which the art gallery has settled down.

 One more symbol of Venice considers bridge Rialto. Earlier it was wooden, and last variant of the bridge in a stone have constructed in 16 century. There is a bridge in the same commercial centre of Venice. Now in this area is the noisy market, and also the oldest church of Venice.
 In many palaces of Venice museums, such, as Collection Peggi Gugenxeim, the Museum of Venice, the Naval museum, Gallery of Academy and city museum Коррер are now located. 


 The world famous Venetian carnival is spent every year to Venice in the beginning of February and 10 days last. On the city areas "historical" concerts are spent, fireworks are arranged. These days it is possible to mix up with celebratory crowd and to admire unique suits and masks. Music and wine flow the river.

 The Venetian kitchen abounds with every possible viands not in the last instance owing to dealers from the different countries. A basis of local dishes the bird, a fish and usual vegetables for Italy make rice. A variety of products in the markets of Venice casts memoirs on east market. The freshest fish and gentle female quails, turkeys, hens, ducks, an asparagus, a juicy onions and various seafoods.

 The most widespread dish from macaroni here – dense bean cream soup with the poetic name « Pasta e fagoli ». Venice and the is famous for " a firm dish » « Fegato alla Veneziana ».
Restaurants with good food can be met in city centre – they prefer to prove on its surburbs. But here excellent wine and fragrant coffee will offer you everywhere.

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