Rest in the incorporated Arabian Emirates

Rest in the incorporated Arabian Emirates

The incorporated Arab Emirates – one of those countries with whom fall in love once and for all or do not understand. But if you never were in the Emirates, is more exact in Dubai – even time to go costs necessarily. To look, as it is possible to make a fairy tale of desert.

The structure of the United Arab Emirates includes seven staffs, but four are most popular only – Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Shardzha. To Dubai anyhow get all – the well-known international airport connecting the Europe with Asia and Africa here is located. If the purpose of your travel not only rest, but also shopping – is not present better a place, than Dubai. Besides magnificent beaches with it is dazzling white sand, here there are the largest shopping centers, the prices in which below, than in the Europe.

For new impressions it is possible to replace beaches and shops with a snow and mountains. Yes-yes, be not surprised! In Dubai there is even a mountain-skiing complex, though and covered which allows to accept simultaneously up to 1,5 thousand fans of winter kinds of sports.
Abu-Dhabi – the richest same capital United Arab Emirates. The city distinguishes a plenty of swords, skyscrapers, parks and the advanced hotels, famous magnificent interiors and the highest level of service. Shardzha – the cultural center of the United Arab Emirates, free from alcohol – here is passed the “dry” law, therefore if you have decided to fasten with binge – the best place, than rest in Shardzha – to not find.

Your travel to the Emirates will be incomplete if you do not smoke a traditional hookah and will not try an oriental dish. Rest in the United Arab Emirates will present you unusual sensation of a fairy tale, in fact only in a fairy tale there can be such magnificent oases in the middle of desert …
Abu-Dhabi – the capital, which basic part is located on the island named in honour of small antelopes. Now it is the center of business activity, here pass the largest exhibitions and interiors of arms therefore also hotels are calculated first of all on choosy top-managers – powerful business-infrastructure in each hotel hardly probable it is not obligatory. But also here it is interesting to tourists – the blessing, beaches excellent, and excursions interesting.

Dubai – the center tourism. Here the highest skyscrapers, the most luxurious hotels and the most known shopping in the world are concentrated. Last years on shoaliness of the Gulf (a word-combination “Persian gulf” in the Emirates do not favour, or naming its Arabian, or simply Gulf) in area Dzhumejry on artificial islands (two huge “palm trees”, it is more and less, and ” a card of the world “) build huge quantity of new hotels. Those who has visited hotels which have already opened there, leave exclusively excellent responses.

Shardzha – the most legislative from the point of view of the Koran. The dry law here is strict and ruthless, the alcohol not only is forbidden to sale, but also is simple to storage. To many Russians-nondrinkers it is pleasant – good enough guarantee to not see the cheerful compatriots, bathing at night in decorative pool.

Capital  shopping – undoubtedly Dubai. Here go behind the heaped up machines, the exclusive jewelry, the advanced electronics, fur coats, perfum, hours … to not tell, that all here is fabulously cheap, but cheaper, rather than in the Europe – and at the absolute quality assurance of the bought goods.

Rest in the Emirates, especially in comparison with the Arabian Egypt, Tunis and Morocco. But even the most simple three-star hotels disappoint nobody, nobody will tell, that the permit to the Emirates – the thrown out money. Big plus of rest in the Emirates that the best beach time here is necessary on the European inter-season period, spring-autumn when to bathe already (or still) it is impossible, and mountain skiing have not begun yet (or have already ended …).

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