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The Oranjevrouwen to play on Friday in Turkey with their fifth-game in the qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS by 2021. The reigning European champion, is still clear in group A. The game is in Izmir (smyrna) started at 17: 00. Follow all the live.

  • Euro cup qualification, Oranjevrouwen
  • Turkey, The Netherlands, 0-8
  • Hat-trick Was of the Dark

Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 20:03Wiegman: ‘the Whole team deserves a huge compliment
Sarina Wiegman has a very high opinion of the 0-8 win, and against Turkey. “I am very pleased with the results, but also with the opportunities we created,” says Wiegman (Dutch) against the Dutch right after the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier. “In the first half, we were still a bit sloppy, and we ourselves, the more we can give credit to, but in the second half, and managed to do so even more.” Next Tuesday, take the Oranjevrouwen it is in Arnhem, the netherlands, against Spain. “Winning was never a matter of course. It’s always hard to work with,” said the head coach. “We can take out of this game against Turkey is that we also have a lot of opportunities against teams who are very defensive and play.”Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 19:21a a remarkable time in Turkey, and the Netherlands. Aniek Technically take her to the defensive job very, very seriously, and gets a shot by Miedema, of the line.

Your team-mate you should have it.. 馃槄馃槄 #daargaatjedoelpunt
#veronicainside #TURNED

AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen18:47 – 8 november 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 19:15Dit is the state of play in group A, after the 0-8 win for the Netherlands in Turkey. The group winners and the best runners will go to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021.

  • The netherlands 5-15
  • Russia, 3-6
  • Kosovo in 3-6
  • Slovenia, 4-6
  • Estonia 4-1
  • Turkey-5-1
  • Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:56De 0-8 against Turkey, is the largest uitzege ever for the women.

    8 – Against Turkey, and the Netherlands, Women have recorded their biggest ever away win (0-8). Ruthless.

    AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:55 pm – november 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:55 thebig victory of the Netherlands in Turkey
    The netherlands booked its fifth win in a row at the START kwalificatiecyclus. The turkey is easy, with a 0-8 to put aside the greatest of all conquests in the Netherlands from 2019 onwards. The team at Sarina Wiegman was in trouble, and will win, thanks to goals from Van de Sanden, Pointed-to (2), the Dark (x3), and Miedema (2).Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:5190+1′ GOAL in the new year! 0-8 years old

    Pointed to shoot a free-kick beautifully from within. Sahin’s won’t stand a chance.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:4787′ Snoeijs, scores almost in her debut match, but her effort goes over the goal from Sahin.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:4078, ” Of the Dark after her hat-trick in the dug-out to sit down. They will be replaced by Peter Jones.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:3473′ GOAL in the new year! 0 to 7

    The Dark headlines and the seventh goal for the Netherlands. The Dark is the third in the evening.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:33 of72, the’ Miedema, its job is done. After the goal is changed. Katya Snoeijs, is her replacement, and will make her debut for the Dutch national team.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:3069, ” There is, surprisingly enough, it is almost a goal in Turkey. Sari van Veenendaal need to stretch in order to hit the ball out of the goal to keep it.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:28of 68′ GOAL in the new year! 0-6

    Also, the Dark makes her second goal of the night. Once again, the Sande and the assist.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:2867′ Miedema, just a few inches short of the 0-6 within the head. The ball of a Van de Sanden and flies just over the Dutch striker’s back.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:2362′ Sarina Wiegman turns her, the first transition area. The greens are going to get to the end. In her place is Victoria, Pelova.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:22of 62′ GOAL in the new year! 0-5

    Miedema, makes her second goal of the night.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:18, The Turkish fans continue to be happy in spite of the great oppression of the Turkish women in Izmir.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:1656′ GOAL in the Netherlands! 0 to 4

    The Sanden puts the Donk in a position that controls the ball behind the keeper and Sahin shoots.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday, 18:1352, ” There was the 0 to 4 for the Netherlands, but in the Dark, her feet are just not good at the ball and turn.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:1150′ Jill Roord to test the goalkeeper Sahin from a distance. The shot goes straight at the Turkish keeper, and she is the fourth Dutch goal, they can occur.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:07 andthe light of the 0 to 3 by Miedema in the injury time of the first half.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 18:0646′, The second part is on the way. The netherlands are defending a 0-3-lead-against-Turkey.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:59Bekijk here are the three goals of the Oranjevrouwen against Turkey. After 45 minutes, it’s 0 and 3 against it as Turkey.

    The Orange Lions make the baklava, the Turkish women! 馃敟馃敟
    At 26 鈿
    ’31 鈿
    ’46 鈿
    #veronicainside #TURNED

    AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen17:56 am – 8 november, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:51 asa Rest. In the Netherlands, women with a peace of 0-3 year-ahead of rest in Turkey. Shanice van de Sanden, Sherida, Pointed, and Vivianne Miedema, were the goalscorers for the team, Sarina Wiegman.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:49to 45+1′ GOAL in the new year! 0 to 3

    Vivianne Miedema is the headline just before half-time with the third goal for the Netherlands.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:4541′ Great chance for Netherlands in the 0 to 3. In a corner, it leads to turmoil in the Turkish penalty area. Miedema, seems to be to score a goal, but is Technically a goal, they get in the way.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:41 inthe Dark flying Pointed up in arms after she took advantage of a penalty.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:4037 With a comfortable 0-2-edge controls of the Netherlands for the match. The Turkish women get the side off.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:3331′ GOAL in the Netherlands! 0 to 2

    Sherida Pointed, used for the penalty.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:3230′ Penalty shootout for the Netherlands. Was the Donk in the box to the ground and reached by a Rock.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:3229 Massive risk in the 0 to 2! Miedema is separate from the Turkish defenders, but her shot is straight at the keeper and Sahin off.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:28 and26′ GOAL in the Netherlands! From 0 to 1

    Shanice van de Sanden is taking good care of its opponents, and wraps up with the announcement of Vivianne Miedema, just as it should.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:2623 ” Great opportunity for the Sanden! When she comes face to face with the Turkish goalkeeper, but her shot, being captured by the Turkish defence.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:23 andThese are the eleven, the women who is in Turkey to try to defeat it. Provisional state, it was still 0-0 at Izmir (smyrna).Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:2320′ the Greens will get the first yellow card of the game for it to be heavy-handed, of itself, being pushed away by a Turkish player. For the referee, Jelena Cvetkovic, it is her first time on the highest international stage.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:2016 ” the Netherlands tries to be, but the rooms are very small and Orange-there is some issue. Now it’s Nick Green, who hit the ball just can’t be nice and accepting, which makes the attack, is knocked out.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:14for The remainder of the Dutch football supporters are hoping today is the fifth victory in a row at the START kwalificatiecyclus of the Oranjevrouwen.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday, 17:118 united states, it may be the Turkish women are not that difficult to make. Also, in the free-kick from Sherida Pointed, without the need for the Turkish goal keeper is not in the act.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:063′ Green send Of the Sanden way. Her wings are caught by the goalkeeper Sahin, and will therefore not lead to a large hazard.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:041′ Turkey right at the point of attack. The Dutch defense, however, is not a surprise, and makes the first move by Melike Salt is harmless.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 17:03Kick-off. The balt roll, in Izmir (smyrna). This is the first time that the Oranjevrouwen a game on Turkish soil. The european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier last september, the hotel was the first meeting between the Netherlands and Turkey have in the past. That game was a 3-0 win by the Orange. Stefanie van de Gragt, Was of the Dark, and Sherida, Pointed, were, when of the to score.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 16:48Een vreugdemomentje the Oranjevrouwen during the warm-up. When ave know that the women hit the ball a hundred times without the ball touching the ground.


    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen16:43 – 8 november 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 16:45 is‘Technically true, emphatically, of the door
    Despite the fact that since that time, Decker is fit and could play, coach, Sarina Wiegman tonight against Turkey for Aniek Technically central to the defence case. “Aniek is right out the door,” says Wiegman in front of the camera on Veronica mars. “This is a good time for her to start. It is an opportunity for Aniek to get to where she is, but she does it very well.” For the Technically it is her fourth international competition.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 16:27Nederland will enter the field in Izmir (smyrna).

    “Let’s go Lions! 馃敟

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen16:24 – november 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 16:05Het the blue dress is hanging ready for the women.

    馃摳| Today, we’ll be playing in the blue of the dress 馃槏馃敺

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen15:54 pm – november 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 15:59Van de Sanden, back at base, Orange
    Shanice van de Sanden, and during the last world CHAMPIONSHIP of her move, lost in Lineth Beerensteyn is the basis for the Oranjevrouwen in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier against Turkey. Beerensteyn is missing due to a slight concussion. In the defense chooses to Sarina Wiegman, for Aniek Technically. The twenty-year-old PSV eindhoven player will get the preferred since that time, mr. Dekker.

    Preparation Of Turkey: Sahin; Erkan, Topcu, Rock, Karangenc; Berut, Karabulut, Kara; Hancar, Altunkulak, Salt.

    Establishment the Netherlands: From the West, From Lunteren, Technically, Bloodworth, From taos, new mexico; Green, Pointed, out Of the Dark; Van de Sanden, Miedema, Roord.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 15:47Wiegman, ” Can b be
    In spite of the good results of the Oranjevrouwen in the EUROPEAN kwalificatiecyclus has led to the sometimes mediocre performance, to criticism. “That’s the game, and some less, we all know about as well. We can be better,” said head coach Sarina Wiegman (Dutch) against the Dutch. “We have to be happy with what we have, and the points at which we have reached.” Wiegman found that the conditions for the match against Turkey is difficult to predict the future. “The entrance is free of charge, and in view of the local culture, it may be a pandemonium in. In any case We will own the game, just as in the previous games.”Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 15:22the Oranjevrouwen in the centre of Bornova which is about an hour and a half, is the potential for the EUROPEAN qualifying event in Turkey and the Netherlands.

    馃搷 Bornova Stadium

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen15:18 – november 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 10:29the Oranjevrouwen to prepare for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS kwalificatieduel with a Turkey dinner. The ball is at 17: 00 hour to roll.

    Matchday trek once锔忦焽桂焽

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen10:27 pm – november 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 09:10 andis A perfect kwalificatiecampagne to-date, for the Oranjevrouwen. These were the first results:

    08-10-2019: The Netherlands-Russia 2-0
    04-10-2019: Slovenia,The Netherlands, 2-4
    03-09-2019: The Netherlands-Turkey 3-0
    30-08-2019: Estonia-Netherlands – 0 To 7Back to top

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