Residents of Philippine city of Marawi presumably by extremists executed

Residents of Philippine city of Marawi presumably by extremists executed

Photo: AFP

In a ravine just outside the Philippine city of Marawi, the bodies of eight labourers found. They are probably executed by extremists.

s of the city on the island of Mindanao are already almost a week into the hands of the Islamic State-affiliated extremists of Maute. The Philippine military tries to all day the rebels to expel.

The eight dead men, most with bullet wounds in the head and some with tied hands, were the workers who were on the run for the fighting. They are arrested by the militants and killed, let the police know. When one of the bodies was the text, “traitor” is written.

The discovery of the executed men confirms the speculation that the Maute-rebels killing civilians during the bloody takeover of the city. Elsewhere in the city are civilians died in the fighting. In the neighbourhood of the university were the corpses of three women, a child and four men found. In a by the rebels, taken to hospital, two members to the life to come.

Ground troops

The Philippine army has this weekend ground to Marawi sent with helicopters and missiles fired on positions of the rebels.

Saturday in the fighting, according to the army certainly 41 militants and thirteen soldiers killed. The total number of deaths since the outbreak of fighting is more than a hundred. According to some estimates, 90 percent of the 200,000 inhabitants on the flight.

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