Researchers want national guideline for acting after miscarriage

Researchers want national guideline for acting after miscarriage

Phd students Marianne Verschoor and Marike Lemmers of the AMC in Amsterdam, advocate for national guidelines on the act after a miscarriage. According to the researchers, it is still often chosen for a curettage, where the uterus surgically is leeggeschraapt or sucked.

Against AD the researchers say that in many cases unnecessarily is chosen for a curettage. Every year, 20.000 women have a miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy, half of them get a curettage.

“That must be at least to a quarter”, says Verschoor. According to the researchers, the body is in many cases able to the remains of the zwangerschapsweefsel itself to process. At the half of the women is the fruit within two weeks disappeared, in the other half it can take up to six weeks. In some cases, the body months.

The procedure provides for 20 percent of the women with adhesions that it is difficult to get pregnant again. The chance is also greater that the next pregnancy to have a child early is born. Instead of 6 percent is 9 percent.

Only in women in whom the remains, become infected, or women that are suffering with excessive blood loss is a curettage is necessary, argue the researchers. That would go for five hundred to a thousand women per year.

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