Researchers surprised: a lot less soda sold after frisdranktaks

The inhabitants of the American Berkeley drink much less soda since the introduction of a frisdranktaks. Researchers react surprised.


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In Berkeley, on the Us west coast, is the consumption of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite and other sweetened beverages such as energy drinks and iced tea in a few months time, with 21 percent, concludes a study by the University of California (UC). The decrease is much larger than expected, say the researchers in the American Journal of Public Health.

Lower incomes

The decline occurred after the introduction of a tax on soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, in march last year. The study found a few months after the introduction.

For comparison, the team sat down to look at the neighbouring San Francisco. There rose the frisdrankconsumptie in the same period, 4 percent; San Francisco has a similar tax rejected.

Berkeley introduced the first American city a frisdranktaks in, a penny-per-ounce, 1 cent per 28 grams.

The researchers focused on the areas with lower incomes. “People with low incomes bear the heaviest consequences of obesity and diabetes,” says Kristine Madsen of UC Berkeley. “This decrease in the consumption of soft drinks and sugary drinks is also very encouraging. We are looking for tools that help people to make healthy choices, and the frisdranktaks turns out to be an effective tool.”

More water

The frisdranktaks also had implications for the consumption of water in Berkeley. That rose 63 percent in Oakland and San Francisco with only 19 percent. Only 2 percent of the population of Berkeley continued the tax elsewhere soda buy.

The decrease of the frisdrankconsumptie is only a short term effect, emphasize the researchers. In order to verify the tax people in the longer term, healthier does drink, it is later re-investigation is required.

More than twenty American cities tried a frisdranktaks to enter, but each lacked sufficient support. After Berkeley managed to only Philadelphia in the adoption of such a tax. That is, in January of strength.


Since this year, there are worldwide for the first time, more people are overweight than underweight, the study shows that in april in The Lancet appeared.

The analysis showed that the number of people with obesity (based on BMI) in forty years time, the speed is increased from 105 million in 1975, to 641 million in 2014. By 2025, will a fifth of all adults are obese, predicted the researchers.

One of the main causes of overweight and obesity is consumption of calorie-dense foods and beverages. Which are often strongly promoted. In the U.S., appear to be pop-culture icons, especially such a high calorie food and drink to promote. (IPS)

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