Researchers report breakthrough in treatment of peanut allergy

Researchers report breakthrough in treatment of peanut allergy

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Australian researchers have developed a method that allows them to peanut allergies in children seem to be able to cure.

In a small clinical study performed by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and described in The Lancet, healed two-thirds of the children who were treated with an experimental immunotherapy for their allergies.

The fact that the disappeared hypersensitivity to peanuts up to four years after the treatment was maintained. “These children could just peanuts to eat without a diet to follow in the years after treatment,” says lead researcher Mimi Tang in The Guardian.

A peanut allergy is the most common cause of anaphylaxis: an acute, life-threatening allergic reaction to an allergen. To counter this, developed Tang, a new treatment with a probiotic was combined with oral immunotherapy. The treatment is designed to the response of the immune system to peanuts to reprogram and eventually a tolerance to develop.


To the original research, which in 2013 was carried out, were 48 children. One and a half years was a part of them, handled daily, according to the new method. Another part was given daily a placebo. At the end of the study was 82 percent of the children who were treated according to the experimental method of their allergies. In the placebo group was 4 percent.

Four years later, the majority of the ‘cure’ children still peanuts to eat. 70 percent withstood a test that tolerance to peanuts in the long-term measure.

According to Tang that results look promising. “I see it like this: we started with children who are allergic for peanuts and therefore very well had to be careful with what they ate, what many fear war. After completion of the treatment, and even four years then you could most live their lives as if they have no peanut allergy.”

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