Researchers make VR glasses that are on brilsterkte adjust

Researchers make VR glasses that are on brilsterkte adjust

A prototype of a VR glasses adapts on the basis of the age and brilsterkte of the user. This would cause headaches and nausea are reduced.

The glasses developed by researchers at Stanford and Dartmouth College in the US.

According to the researchers, people have complaints with the use of VR because their eyes can’t focus. The eyes try on one object to focus, but the screen is always at the same distance.

The prototype can with special lenses in the headset the gevoelsafstand to adjust the screen, so that there is better through the eyes can be in focus. An alternative to the glasses to the screen with the motors forward and backwards, to the focal length of the screen to change.

Its software takes into account the brilsterkte of the user. We also looked at age, because carriers older than 45 years more would have difficulty with focus.

Without glasses

The new technology would also make it possible to make a VR glasses to use them without contact lenses or glasses. In addition, the carrier does not strain the eyes, which is often the cause for headaches in VR. Nausea they may also reduce.

The researchers hope that their prototype VR companies will help bring new technologies for headsets to develop.

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