Researchers hide malware in DNA

Researchers hide malware in DNA

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Security researchers have managed to get malware in DNA to hide.

According to research from the University of Washington, which according to Wired will be presented at the USENIX-security conference.

The malware is if information in a piece of DNA is blocked. Is this DNA by a so-called DNA Sequencer analyzed, then touches this machine infected by the malicious code.

According to the researchers, the malware uses its own code to install it on the affected sequencer. For example, the DNA of a criminal, for example, ransomware install on the machine that his DNA for police to test for it, so the result is not to be read.

Small chance

The malware is stored by chemical bases in the DNA to influence. Each base responds differently to a certain colour of light. Because a sequencer uses the light bases to identify, the researchers were able in this way, their malware to transfer.

At the time the malware in just 37 percent of the cases correctly performed on the DNA machinery. In addition, had the creators of the malware is not a vulnerability in the DNA Sequencers to manipulate, making them self a hole in the software had to add to their tests. The chance that their methodology asset will be exploited is therefore relatively small.

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