Researchers discover new method of treatment of abscesses

Researchers discover new method of treatment of abscesses

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Researchers from the University of British Columbia, have managed to prevent the drug-resistant bacteria develop into an abscess. This is succeeded by a peptide in the infection.

That reports MedicalXpress Wednesday.

A peptide is a molecule that consists of a small number of amino acids that is connected with peptidebindingen. The peptide DJK-5 has an influence on the stress-response of the abscess. The growth of bacteria in abscesses are stimulated by stress. By the peptide, this process is stopped.


“We have shown that all superbacteriën to stress are sensitive to this peptide,” says Bob Hancock, one of the scientists who worked on the research. It also appears that it works even better if the patient a course of antibiotics. The combination of antibiotics and the peptide reduces the chance significantly that some resistance occurs.

The study was carried out in mice. Hancock hopes that within a year the method may test it in people.

Every year end there are 3.2 million Americans in the emergency room because of an abscess or similar bacterial infection. Because antibiotics are often not effective in combating it, the abscess will be cut away.

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