Researchers discover indicator for risk of heart or vascular disease

Researchers discover indicator for risk of heart or vascular disease

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By the activity measured in the amygdala, a structure in the brain that information coming through the senses arrives, attach it to emotions, it can be predicted how large the chance of getting a heart disease or stroke.

“The amygdala is an important part of the stressnetwerk of the brain,” says dr. Ahmed Takawol, the principal investigator of the study which is published in The Lancet. “He is metabolically active when people are experiencing stress.”

In the study were 293 adults, PET / CT scans underwent in the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. These scans have registered the brain, bone marrow, and miltactiviteit and inflammation in the hartvaten.

The bone marrow and the spleen were examined because earlier studies showed that stress increased activity in these two areas can cause.

Risk factors

This was followed by two to five years, the health of the patients measured. 22 of them were at this time suffer from a heart or vascular disease, such as stroke or heart attack.

After the analysis of the scans and the health of the heart, the researchers discovered that increased activity in the amygdala directly related to a higher risk of heart or vascular disease. Also when other risk factors involved, such as smoking or diabetes, remained this context stand.

The data could also be derived when heart or vaatfalen would take place. The researchers also found a correlation between the activity in the amygdala and increased activity of the bone marrow and inflammation in the hartvaten.

Chain reaction

It is shown that stress, a chain reaction can cause which eventually leads to heart failure. By stress is the amygdala activated, which leads to additional production of immune cells in the bone marrow. It erodes the hartvaten, causing inflammation which leads to, for example, a heart attack or stroke.

The researchers know that the results are promising, but further studies need to be done to show that stress and heart failure an actual link to show. So there must be more research done into stress and how the degree of it exactly can be measured.

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