Researchers develop system that skin cancer recognizes

Researchers develop system that skin cancer recognizes

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

A team of researchers from Stanford university has a computer so programmed that this possible signs of skin cancer can discover. The device does this is just as accurate as a dermatologist, they argue.

By the technique to use in a smartphone app, would you in the future suspicious spots on their skin analysis.

“It is our goal to have the expertise of the best dermatologists available anywhere”, says Sebastian Thrun, a senior author of the study at CNN. This would be especially useful for people who live in countries where healthcare is not optimal.


The research team has for the programming of the computer, a dataset of 129.450 images used, from eighteen online databases and the medical center of Stanford university. It teaches the system to recognise patterns and it can be good to determine whether a mole or other suspicious spot on the skin further it must be investigated.

By the computer images also to check suspicious spots that were not previously by a dermatologist were looking at, it could be tested whether the system is indeed an accurate judgment could be made. Then dermatologists the same images and showed that they reached the same conclusion as the pre-programmed computer.

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