Researchers create battery with flame retardant to reduce fire risk

Researchers create battery with flame retardant to reduce fire risk

Photo: Bloomberg

Scientists from the U.s. Stanford university have a battery designed with a built-in flame retardant.

That should prevent the battery to catch fire if he is overheated, they write in the scientific journal Science Advances.

The lithium-ion batteries found in many consumer electronics are used, can be a fire hazard if they get too warm or when they are pierced. Last year was Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the market due to problems with ontvlammende batteries.

In the design of Stanford is a special element used between the positive and negative side of the battery. That ‘separator’ contains a common flame retardant, hidden behind a layer of a polymer. If the battery becomes too hot, melts the polymer and the flame retardant are work.

According to scientists, be accubrandjes so within 0.4 seconds extinguished. However, they say that there is still more research needed before their invention in practice, can be used.

Is expected to Samsung Monday, the results of the internal investigation to the Note 7-fiasco known. Said, independent researchers of the company to a large battery in a space too small wanted to stop, which they damaged, were hit.

Explanation: Problems around flammable Note 7

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