Researchers activate stemassistenten with inaudible frequencies

Researchers activate stemassistenten with inaudible frequencies

Photo: Bloomberg

Researchers have managed to sound stemassistenten to activate, without the human ear to hear.

This is evident from a research paper of Zhejiang University. With aanvalssoftware called DolpinAttack the researchers geluidscommando’s playing on a frequency that humans cannot hear, but is picked up by microphones in smartphones.

DolpinAttack can be used to stemassistenten such as Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby and Alexa to activate. By then, commands such as “call 1234567890”, the smartphone can be operated.

The software can, according to the researchers are used for more serious cyber attacks. As a virtual assistant, for example, is linked to a smart door lock, can this slot be unlocked without the victim here is aware of.


Researchers are manipulating Siri with ultrasonic sound


According to the researchers, listening to every popular stemassistent at the time to the higher frequencies. It would be for tech difficult to have software ‘deaf’ for the frequencies, since ultrasound is used to devices. The Chromecast is listening, for example, to high noises to a smartphone to identify it.

Tech is responsible for the virtual assistants have not yet on the discovery response.

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