Researcher: “on A walk, in nature, will do the trick’

October is dedicated to the #2uurnatuur Challenge, an initiative of the IVN (institute for nature Education at Dutch lake, the nature in the area. Because of that, it is very healthy, according to research. You will be healthier on a circle in the forest or in the park? Seven questions with dr. Jolanda Maas.

Scientific research has been done on the healing power of nature?

Maas says: “When I came in 2005 on the subject received his phd, there were only two scientific studies have been published on the potential health benefits of the natural environment in the living environment of the people. Since then there has been a lot of research on this topic will be done.”

As shown in all the studies?

“That contact with nature can contribute to the prevention or reduction of stress, better sleep, subjective well-being and the reduction of aggression and ADHD symptoms. Besides, it appears that people with more green space in their living environment less often to the doctor with complaints such as depression, anxiety disorders, and diabetes.”

“The death toll in “green” living is lower and people are mentally healthy.”

“From a variety of reviewstudies that a variety of studies on this subject, still held against the light, were turned out, moreover, that the death toll in “green” environments are lower than that of babies with a higher birth weight, and that there are people in the green community are mentally healthy will feel.”

What do you mean by a green environment? In the woods?

“A green environment can, indeed, be a forest or another natural area. But also, for example, a park or a community garden close to your house.”

How can it be that the natural world is a positive impact?

“From the research it is clearly revealed that we’ll take our time and relax and be in nature. Up until a few years ago, we thought that this is due to the contact with the nature oerbrein in his comfort zone.”

“Singing of birds, rustling of leaves… as Long as you get those sounds, you know, oerbrein that there will be no wild animals in the area, or if there is otherwise a risk of. In addition, the nature of the has traditionally been a place to go to find food. Will also have a positive connotation.”

“Perhaps this sort of evolutionary explanation is a difference, but it is very difficult to investigate. Another reason why we feel less stressed in nature, similar to the repeating patterns of the trees and other structures found in nature. Programming, we refer to such recurrent patterns. That is, the repetition has a calming effect on the mind.”

We have to be relaxed and calm by nature. (Photo: Gerards)

There are several ways in which nature contributes to human health?

“The people who are in the woods or in a park will go in, often do so on foot. They are also more likely on your knees, to go and do something to address it. In this sense, and invite those environments to move around in.”

“The same is true for the garden. This will take you in the planting and weeding. In addition, you will see the end of the season, and if you plant the right plants and flowers, colors, scents, and textures can be experienced. That’s a good thing for the sensory development of infants and children.”

“A green environment can contribute to economic and social cohesion in a neighborhood. People go to these places and meet with each other. In the garden, at work, are more likely to have contact with their next-door neighbors. And social well-being.”

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How long do you use the nature for an optimal effect.

“According to a recent survey in the Uk showed that people who have at least 120 minutes per week in nature and life, their overall health and well-being more often, as well as appreciate, than those who do not. Hence, THIS two-hour call-in campaign.”

“For a walk, in nature it works like a charm.”

“If you only have time for a trip to the park, then that will make a difference. Anyway, to get you to focus and pay attention to restore the work, or if you have concerns. For a walk, in nature, will do the trick.”

What does the future look like? Go to the doctors nature and over-the-counter prescription?

“Not a bad idea at all. In Scotland, do doctors like that. In view of the positive associations in the study was found to be around the avoidance of certain ailments, and I think that is the prescription of the green, will fit perfectly in to the trend of the leefstijlgeneeskunde and prevention, in the past, have been taken.”

Dr. Jolanda Maas, senior researcher at the section of clinical psychology of the Vu University, Amsterdam, the netherlands. She conducts research on the relationship between nature and human health.

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