Researcher: ‘is There a link between diet and healthy ageing’

To live longer and in good health. It’s possible, according to the researcher, Valter Longo. He explores the relationship between nutrition and healthy ageing. His research findings over the past thirty years, joined him in The Langlevendieet. Eleven questions to Valter Longo.

Where do you exactly study?

Longo: “I like to combine studies of honderdplussers with a pre-populatiestudies, clinical trials and basic research in order to find out how we are more than we are now.”

In order to figure out how to be as old as possible?

“As old as possible, it is not my goal. My goal is to last as long as possible to stay healthy. To be full of life and full of energy to continue to operate, even in old age.”

What did you find?

“There is a clear link between nutrients and genes, and for ‘longevity’. And that is, that genes can be activated, and that the ‘re-programming’, and the regeneration of cells, to promote.”

“After us, may, or even in one year, we can operate to carry out”
Valter Longo, a researcher

What does that mean?

“That’s the right diet for longer in good health. We can make our healthy life span-maximize-prevent cells prematurely aging, but it also has to ensure that the obsolete cells to repair or replace them. We can use the biological verouderingsklok it back.”

Hearing loss and age-related diseases, not just aging?

“Often, people think of to have a longer life and a longer period of time of the illness is about. However, from our research, it seems that we have even come after us, may, or even in one year of full performance without getting sick or otherwise needs some work.”

“Among other things, by the use of the regenerative capacities of our body, nature, cells, and orgaanniveau to. Unfortunately, these built-in mechanisms to be permanently disabled. That’s what makes us early and are susceptible to disease and decay. Already from the age of thirty, or forty years from now.”

Often, people think of to have a longer life and a longer period of time of the illness is about. ()

How can it be that these natural mechanisms have shut off?

“This is due to the modern diet and the fact that we are constantly at the consumption of. Therefore, hope that the damaged cells in the body. However, the good news is that the switch is also able to be ‘turned on’.”

“Among other things, by a fast to be able to damaged cells, or components thereof, to be destroyed and replaced with new functioning cells.”

The Langlevendieet in a nutshell.

  • Eat pescotarisch (fresh fish, not mammals)
  • Keep your protein consumption low, but it is sufficient
  • Eat as little as possible in bad fats and sugar, and as much as possible, good fats, and complex carbohydrates
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Eat as much as your ancestors
  • To eat, two times a day, plus a snack
  • Please have a tijdbeperkt diet
  • Fixed-periodic

How does fasting actually work? Why is it good for our health?

“Fasting makes the body. It destroys the cells, which later can cause cancer and other damaged cells. The triggers in addition to the stem cells, and the ontstekingswaarden in the body down. This reduces the risk of diseases that are due to an infection is to be promoted.”

You’ve got your book on Fasting-Mimicking diets. What does it mean?

“And this is exactly what the title says, it is a diet program that is fast to simulate, and the benefits of fasting, it offers, without the associated hardship and hunger. It’s just a matter of a period of five consecutive days in a row of very small amounts of food.”

“Fast and destroys the damaged cells
Valter Longo, a researcher

What do we need to be on for the rest of the days eat when we are not fasting on fast day?

“A little, but with enough protein, plenty of vegetables, and as little as possible in bad fats and sugar, meat, fresh fish, and good fats from olive oil, nuts, and seeds. Also, very important: make sure that for at least three hours a day of continuous eating anything.”

What makes your book different from all of the dieetboeken that are already in place?

“It is unique in many ways. First of all, it is the goal of this diet is not to lose weight, but to continue to be in good health and to life. In addition, it has a solid multidisciplinary foundation. It is based on thirty years of research. Not just from me.”

What is the significance of your findings for people who are already sick?

“It offers potential for a variety of ailments. As an example, research have shown that hongerdieet in the mice’s healthy cells and organs, it protects from cancer chemotherapy. Thus, the treatment at the same time, are more toxic to the cancer cells. There is still further research to be done.”

Valter Longo is the director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, as well as the Program of Longevity and Cancer ” at the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan, italy. He is the author of the book “The Langlevendieet’, which is at the end of may, the Publishing company, Eds.

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