Research: who’s online to shop, buy less unhealthy snacks

Those who are shopping in the traditional grocery store, buy more unhealthy snacks compared to consumers who shop online. According to research from the Marketing department of the Faculty of Economics & Business administration of the Ghent university. “Offline, consumers can be more difficult to resist the physical products,” say the researchers.

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In a first study, more than 32,000 stores of approximately 4,300 and consumers are analysed. It was about people who alternate between online grocery ordering and offline shopping, reports the university of Ghent, in a press release. “When such a consumer online shopping orders, he bought for an average of 5.7% on unhealthy food. Does the same consumer offline messages, spends he is no less than 10,4% of unhealthy food.”

Offline is the keyword

The research shows that online shopping provides benefits for the health of the consumer, says dr. Each Huyghe of the vakroep Marketing. “While consumers in the online shopping environment pictures, and offline consumers to resist the physical products. This difference in product presentation ensures that products more tangible for offline consumers, making them more enticing and difficult to resist. This is especially the case with unhealthy food, because such purchases are often unplanned.”

Also a survey of consumers who either only physically go to the grocery store, or only online, do their grocery shopping, gave the same link. “The average spend of the online consumers of 5.6 pct of their virtual shopping basket to unhealthy products while offline, consumers will nearly double, up from 11.1 pct, to spend on such unhealthy products.”

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