Research united states: Young women are more likely to develop lung cancer, than young men

Lung cancer is more common in young women than in young men. This is one of the main findings of the international research on cancer. The scientific journal International Journal of Cancer, the longkankercijfers from forty different countries, including the Netherlands, are compared with each other.

While the proportion of young men with lung cancer declines, there are young women right up, as reported in the study conducted in the united states. The numbers in other countries look like in regards to this is the difference between men and women, and it is not yet fully understood.

A previous study showed that the percentage of young men and women with lung cancer and closer and closer to each other, came up to us. This was, according to the researchers, in part due to the empowerment of women. The men have been in the past, in larger numbers, began to smoke, the biggest cause of lung cancer. The women are only going to do.

The study in the International Journal of Cancer shows that the number of young women with lung cancer is still growing, even though they don’t have more to smoke than their male counterparts. The difference, therefore, is not to be explained by the difference in the rookpatronen.

According to the researchers, the difference between young men and young women, to a large extent be explained by the fact that women are more often adenocarcinomas, a kankersoort, which results in slijmproducerende kliercellen. What made it more popular, it is not clear. There has been a lot of research is needed in order to find the difference between young men and young women to declare that, according to the researchers.

The number of women with lung cancer has increased fivefold

On Tuesday it appeared the numbers from the comprehensive Cancer centre the Netherlands (IKNL), which is in the Netherlands, each year more than ten thousand people die of lung cancer. This is equivalent to nearly a quarter of all deaths from cancer in this country.

Over the past thirty years, the number of women with lung cancer has increased fivefold. However, there are still more men who suffer from the disease than women and 7,500 men in front of 6,300 women.

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