Research: tourist travel still rather durable

Of all the travellers worldwide, 65 percent plan to this summer at least once to stay in a sustainable property. A little less luxury takes the traveller in the year 2017.

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On april 22, is Earth Day celebrated and as a result has published a press release with the key findings from the Sustainable Travel Report.

2017 was adopted by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. According to let their research, some promising signs in terms of greening at both travellers and lodging.

Choose for sustainable accommodation

The number of passengers at least once stay in a ‘green’ accommodation would this year be able to double. Of the travelers around the world say 65 percent of plan to take account of sustainability in the choice of the only. 34 percent of the respondents reported this last year already done.

A stay that is describes as sustainable accommodation will be 68 percent of the travelers have a positive influence in his choice. Here, scores of travelers from China (93 percent), Brazil (83 percent) and Spain (80 percent) the highest.

More than 79 percent also note the impact that transport has on the environment during the travel. 43 percent take, where possible, public transport, 42 percent try as much as possible to walk or cycle. Almost a fifth (18 percent) to be willing to be less to fly to achieve the ecological footprint reduction.

Less luxury

On the question of whether travellers all over the world are willing to luxury in to provide more environmentally friendly travel, responded to the vast majority positive. 89 percent have no problem with a room where the air conditioning or heating is only turned on if the guest is present, 80 percent is satisfied with a low-flow showerhead and three-quarters of the respondents may, bed linen and towels less frequently to be replaced.

Also responded to 64 per cent positively to the question whether they agree to only locally-produced food to eat, even though that would be slightly more expensive.

Local experiences

“The place where we during the holidays to stay is crucial not only for the fun that we are on our journey, but also plays an increasingly important role in the facilitation of sustainable travel,” says Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at

“Accommodations are becoming more and more sustainable, for example by in the kitchen to work with locally grown products, economical to use water and energy, by recycling and also the guests in contact with local residents.”

Of the travellers who participated in the research, one in three opt for an eco-friendly property because they are convinced that a more locally relevant experience.

“ we see that the number of recommendations for eco-friendly accommodations and destinations have increased since we eco-tourism have been added to our page where people can search on passion and interest. Sustainable travel becomes more and more”, concludes Rijvers. (IPS)

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