Research to lose weight and chocolate-invented as ‘test’

Research to lose weight and chocolate-invented as ‘test’

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The scientific research that discovered that eating dark chocolate during dieting to more weight loss leads, is evident from the thumb sucked.

That has the reporter covering the story for the first time brought published, reports The Washington Post Thursday.

Researcher John Bohannon reported in the scientific journal International Archives of Medicine, to the delight of millions of people who are on a diet, that chocolate helps you lose weight. He relied on research by the German Institute for Diet and Health.

Now it turns out that it is a website, which no institute is affiliated. The writer of the article wanted to the alertness of wetenschapsjournalisten test. That is, according to him, not the best, everyone believed it.

Understand the stories about diets are, according to Bohannon subject to fashions and dangerous because there are so many crap is sold.

“There is under the heading of ‘scientific’ of all called and that is a bad thing.” It runs, according to him, to much to loose lifestyleverhalen and too little to be a truly scientific approach to obesity.

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