Research suggests that one in five ceos psychopathic traits

Research suggests that one in five ceos psychopathic traits

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From an Australian study showed that one in five ceos of businesses (ceo’s) psychopathic traits exhibits. This is roughly a similar number as prisoners.

Within this research a total of 261 U.s. workers with a seniorfunctie working within the productieketenmanagement questioned, writes The Telegraph.

The researchers found a significant evidence that 21 per cent of them are psychopathic traits. In an average population is one in one hundred people are a psychopath.

The Australian forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks, one of the researchers, states that under psychopathic traits creating chaos and against each other, playing off of people.

For these people, it is business success a game and makes them not matter as there is moraalschending. It is important that they get to where they want within the company and to be in a dominant position may hold.

Procedures improve

Brooks has this research, together with a colleague from the Australian Bond University and the University of San Diego carried out. He finds that the results of this study prove that their companies are contracted to improve. There would be too much focus on the skills of a person, instead of on the personal characteristics.

The researchers aim to help employers with the screening of potential candidates with psychopathic traits. “Then, this problem can be identified in the future and connect people with psychopathic traits will not end up in positions where they do not want to have.”

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