Research on effectiveness of chemo in metastatic colon cancer

Research on effectiveness of chemo in metastatic colon cancer

The Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven is a comprehensive scientific study has been launched for the treatment of metastatic cancer of the colon, also known as peritoneal carcinomatosis called.

Patients with this disease are now the global variable is treated. Get them before or after surgery chemotherapy, in other countries they are given before and after surgery and chemotherapy.

In the Netherlands there is no chemotherapy given to buikvlieskankerpatiënten. There is no scientific evidence about the use of chemotherapy before or after surgery. This is the treatment heavy.

“The so-called HIPEC-surgery has been a very big operation,” says oncology surgeon dr. Ignace de Hingh. “Additional chemotherapy three months before and six months after making the treatment even more. Which choice you make not just. Such a treatment has an effect on the quality of life and can lead to complications.”

In other countries, dare doctors treat not to omit, because they think that it makes the patient a chance of cure remember.

36 months

The Hospital will be in the so-called Cairo-6-study to find out whether the patients will benefit from chemotherapy. This will be the next six years would happen with 358 Dutch patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis followed intensively. Half of this will have chemotherapy before and after surgery, the other half gets only a surgery.

There is the last years much progress has been made in the survival rates of patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis. This has the average survival increased from six to 36 months.

“I hope that we will after this course be able to the average survival. We know, in any case, or chemotherapy that can contribute. In addition, we can use the knowledge to better patient selection that would benefit from the intensive treatment. We may also prevent patients a very big surgery where they post nothing to have had,” said The Hingh.

Every year, thousands of patients in the Netherlands, the diagnosis of cancer with metastases in the peritoneum.

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